Proceedings of the Sixteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents


The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
Particle methods: Past, present and future, JJ Monaghan

Plenary Papers
A perspective on computational aerothermodynamics at NASA, PA Gnoffo
Hypersonic flight and ground testing activities in India, KPJ Reddy
Studying complex fluid dynamics – from direct numerical simulations to tomo-graphic digital holographic particle image velocimetry, J Soria
Hydraulic jumps: Bubbles and bores, H Chanson
The mechanics of yield stress fluids: similarities, specificities and open questions, P Coussot
Microscale combustion: progress and challenges, SK Chou

Biological Applications 1
Particle image velocimetry measurements of blood flow in a modeled carotid artery bifurcation, NA Buchmann & MC Jermy
Airflow patterns in both sides of a realistic human nasal cavity for laminar and turbulent conditions, J Wen, K Inthavong, ZF Tian, JY Tu, CL Xue & GG Li
Fluid structure interaction modeling of a patient specific cerebral aneurysm: Effect of hypertension and modulus of elasticity, S Ahmed, ID Sutalo, H Kavnoudias & A Madan
Numerical study of the behaviour of wall shear stress in pulsatile stenotic flows, A Ooi, HM Blackburn, S Zhu, E Lui & W Tae

Facilities 1
Design and calibration of a facility for film cooling research, JS Porter, JE Sargison & AD Henderson
Using CFD to improve the design of a circulating water channel, MG Pullinger & JE Sargison
A laboratory combustor for studies of premixed combustion instability, PA Hield & MJ Brear
Numerical and experimental study to evaluate the performance of Universiti Tenaga Nasional short duration hypersonic test facility, AF Amir, MZ Yusoff & F Yusaf

Heat Transfer 1
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of natural convection in copper electrorefining, MJ Leahy & MP Schwarz
Scaling analysis of the thermal boundary layer adjacent to an abruptly heated inclined flat plate, S Saha, C Lei & JC Patterson
On the natural convection boundary layer adjacent to an inclined flat plate subject to ramp heating, S Saha, C Lei & JC Patterson
Effects of corner geometry and adiabatic extensions on heat transfer through a differentially heated square cavity, C Lei, SW Armfield, JC Patterson & A O'Neill

Vortex Flows 1
Prediction of aircraft empennage buffet loads, S Schmidt & O Levinski
Circulation signature of vertical structures in turbulent boundary layers, Q Gao, COrtiz-Duenas & EK Longmire
Accuracy of circulation estimation schemes applied to discretised velocity field data, ER Hassan, TCW Lau & RM Kelso
The effect of a uniform cross-flow on the circulation of vortex rings, ER Hassan, RM Kelso & PV Lanspeary

Acoustics 1
A singularity-avoiding moving least squares scheme for two dimensional unstructured meshes, SKM Chenoweth, J Soria & A Ooi
On discerning dynamical structure from the once-integrated momentum equation, J Klewicki & P Fife
Combination of Lighthill acoustic analogy and stochastic turbulence modeling for far-field acoustic predictions, A Ahmadzadegan & M Tadjfar
Sound emission on bubble coalescence: imaging acoustic and numerical experiments, R Mannaseh, G Riboux, A Bui & F Risso

Optical Diagnostics 1
Upstream influence of a porous screen on the flow field of a free jet, AJ Neely & J Young
Pressure field visualization on the surface of a square cylinder with pressure sensitive paints, E Fukuyama, T Hoshino, A Lida & RJ Brown
Multi-camera digital holographic PIV: tomographic DHPIV, CH Atkinson & J Soria
Algebraic reconstruction techniques for tomographic particle image velocimetry, CH Atkinson & J Soria

Gas Dynamics and Compressible Flows 1
High speed flows control using microwave energy deposition, DD Knight, YF Kolesnichenki, V Brovkin & D Khmara
Interferometric detection of dispersed shock waves in small scale diaphragm-less shock tube of 1mm diameter, S Udagawa, W Garen, B Meyerer & K Maeno
First trace for irregular shock wave process in weak mach reflection, A Siegenthaler
Study of underexpanded supersonic jets with optical techniques, D Mitchell, D Honnery & J Soria

Environmental Analyses
Conditional nonlinear optimal perturbations: a new approach to the stability and sensitivity study in geophysical fluid dynamics, M Mu & WS Duan
Verification of a three dimensional advection dispersion model using dye release experiment, H Mirfenderesk, L Hughes & R Tomlinson
The effect of Gomphonema and filamentous algae streamers on hydroelectric canal capacity and turbulent boundary layer structure, JM Andrewartha, JE Sargison & KJ Perkins
Do we find hurricanes on other planets?, AY Klimenko

Multiphase 1: Liquids and Droplets
Modelling Plastic Deformation and Thermal Response in Welding using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, R Das & PW Cleary
Numerical simulations of an evaporating bio-oil droplet, JD Brett, A Ooi & J Soria
Experimental investigations on the effect of Reynolds number on a plane jet, RC Deo, J Mi & GJ Nathan

Turbulence Measurements 1
The development of turbulent pipe flow, J Doherty, P Ngan, J Monty & M Chong
The influence of spatial resolution due to hot-wire sensors on measurements in wall-bounded turbulence, N Hutchins, TB Nickels, I Marusic & MS Chong
Effect of roughness in the development of an adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer, DA Chao, L Castillo & OF Turan
Velocity derivative skewness in isotropic turbulence and its measurement with hot wires, P Burattini, P Lavoie & RA Antonia
Experiments on roll waves in air-water pipe flow, A De Leebeeck, AH Gaarder & OJ Hydal

Gas Dynamics and Compressible Flows 2
Development of Casbar: a two-phase flow code for the interior basllistics problem, RJ Gollan, IA Johnston, BT O'Flaherty & PA Jacobs
Analysis of scramjet flight trajectories with oxygen enrichment, SA Razzaqi, MK Smart & N Weidner
Numerical simulation of strong blast waves in high temperature turbulent flows, S Ghosh & K Mahesh

Aerodynamics 1
RSM and v2-f predictions of an impinging jet in a cross flow on a heated surface and on a pedestal, D Rundstrom, B Moshfegh & A Ooi
Effects of spin on tennis ball aerodynamics: an experimental and computational study, F Alam, W Tio, S Watkins, A Subic & J Naser
Flow field phenomena about lift and downforce generating cambered aerofoils in ground effect, JW Vogt, TJ Barber & E Leonardi
An experimental investigation of perturbations on vortex breakdown over delta wings, S Srigrarom & M Ridzwan

Biological Applications 2
Flow-structure interaction in the human upper airway: motions of a cantilevered flexible plate in channel flow with flexible walls, J Wang, GA Tetlow & AD Lucey
Computational fluid dynamics investigation of a cavity micro-bioreactor, WL Tan, GA Thouas, MC Thompson & K Hourigan
Non-axisymmetric flow development in pulsatile blood flow through an aneurysm, RA Jamison, GJ Sheard & K Ryan
In-silico characterization of the flow inside a novel bioreactor for cell and tissue culture, KYS Liow, BT Tan, MC Thompson, K Hourigan & GA Thouas

Facilities 2
How expensive space-zero-gravity convection experiments can be carried out in terrestrial conditions – magnetic convection of a paramagnetic fluid, TP Bednarz, C Lei, JC Patterson & H Ozoe
Simulation of CO2-N2 expansion tunnel flows for the investigation of radiating bluntbody shock layers, DF Potter, RJ Gollan, T Eichmann, PA Jacobs, RG Morgan & TJ McIntyre
Recent aerodynamics research in the DSTO water-tunnel, LP Erm
Diagnostic modeling of an expansion tube operating condition for a hypersonic free shear layer experiment, M McGilvray, JM Austin, M Sharma, PA Jacobs & RG Morgan

Heat Transfer 2
Numerical simulation of upwelling flow in pipe generated by perpetual salt fountain, T Sato, S Maruyama, A Komiya & K Tsubaki
An experimental study of thermal flow around a thin fin on a sidewall of a differentially heated cavity, F Xu, JC Patterson & C Lei
Transient Natural Convection in a Differentially Heated Cavity with a thin fin of different lengths, F Xu, JC Patterson & C Lei
Natural convection in a triangular enclosure induced by solar radiation, Y Mao, C Lei & J Patterson

Cavity Flow and Vortex Flow
Laminar spirals in outer stationary cylinder Couette-Taylor system, MN Noui-Mehidi, HM Blackburn & N Ohmura
New flow features in a cavity during shock wave impact, BW Skews, H Kleine, T Barber & M Iannuccelli
Aero-acoustic oscillations inside large deep cavities, M El Hassan, L Labraga & L Keirsbulck
Aeroacoustics of aircraft cavities, S Crook, R Kelso & J Drobik

Jets and Wakes 1
CFD study of wake decay and separation regions in jet engine test facilities, J Gilmore & M Jermy
Engineering formula for pressure loss in an oscillating-triangular-jet nozzle, PV Lanspeary & SK Lee
Strouhal number of naturally-oscillating triangular and circular jets, SK Lee, PV Lanspeary & GJ Nathan
On flow structure in an oscillating-triangular-jet nozzle: conditionally-averaged wall pressure, SK Lee & PV Lanspeary

Optical Diagnostics 2
Near resonantly enhanced schlieren for wake flow visualization in shock tunnels, R Hruschka, A O'Byrne & H Kleine
Radiation measurements in a simulated non-terrestrial atmosphere, TN Eichmann, D Potter, TJ McIntyre, A Brandis, N Mallon, RG Morgan & H Rubinsztein-Dunlop
Application of pressure sensitive paints to unsteady and high speed flows, H Zare-Behtash, N Gongora, C Lada & K Kontis

Aerodynamics 2
Multidisciplinary design optimization of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) using Meta model assisted evolutionary algorithms, LF Gonzalez, R Walker, K Srinivas & J Periaux
An efficient aerodynamic optimization method using a genetic algorithm and a surrogate model, A Shahrokhi & A Jahangirian
The concept of a smart wind turbine system, RN Sharma & U Madawala
Design of a captive carry Mech 1.8 ramjet, M Frendo, B Haker, BP Huynh & BC Smith

Effect of boundary layer thickness and entropy layer on boundary layer combustion, RM Kirchhartz, DJ Mee & RJ Stalker
Chemical kinetic and radiating species studies of Titan aerocapture entry, P Leyland, R Sobbia & JB Vos
Experiments on a blunt cone model in a hypersonic shock tunnel, N Sahoo
Ignition enhancement via radical farming in two-dimensional supersonic combustion, JR McGuire, RR Boyce & NR Mudford

Multiphase 2: Liquids and Droplets
Numerical study of droplet generation in a complex micro-channel, A Bui, Y Zhu
On the effects of droplet loading on the structure of spray jets, JD Gounder, AR Masri & S Starner
Droplets transport in a microfluidic chip for in vitro compartmentalization, Y Zhu, MN Noui-Mehidi, PW Leech, BA Sexton, S Brown, N Wu & C Easton
Determination of phase wetting in oil-water pipe flows, F Ayello, C Li, X Tang, S Nesic, C Ivan, T Cruz & JN Al-Khamis

Turbulence Simulations 1
The non-local nature of structure functions, PA Krogstad & PA Davidson
Multiple mapping conditioning in homogeneous reacting flows, A Kronenburg & MJ Cleary
The effect of corrugation height on flow in a wavy-walled pipe, HM Blackburn, A Ooi & MS Chong

Hydrodynamics 1
Eigen-analysis of inviscid fluid structure interaction (FSI) systems with complex boundary conditions, AD Lucey & MW Pitman
Eigen-analysis of a fully viscous boundary-layer flow interacting with a finite compliant surface, MW Pitman & AD Lucey
Numerical simulations of flows over a forced oscillating cylinder, TT Do, L Chen & JY Tu
Vortex-induced vibration of a neutrally buoyant tethered sphere, H Lee, MC Thompson & K Hourigan

Gas Dynamics and Compressible Flows 3
Two-dimensional isotropic mesh adaption for viscous flows of a kinetic theory gas using TDEFM, MR Smith & MN Macrossan
Nonequilibrium radiation measurements and modeling relevant to Titan entry, AM Brandis, RG Morgan, CO Laux, T Magin, T McIntyre & PA Jacobs
Scaling the linear advection equation for the BGK method, PA Jacobs & MN Macrossan
Simulation of a sonic jet injected into a supersonic crossflow, K Higgins & S Schmidt

Bio-, Nano-Applications
Using fluid mechanics for targeting genes and drugs to tohe skin for better vaccines, MAF Kendall
Effects of tear additives on the shear stress and normal stress acting on the ocular surface, MB Jones, GR Fulford, CP Please, DLS McElwain & MJ Collins
Microaerosol and nanoparticle synthesis for drug delivery via surface acoustic wave atomization, M Alvarez, J Friend, L Yeo & D Arifin
Driving cell seeding using surface acoustic wave fluid actuation, H Li, JR Friend & LY Yeo

Facilities 3
Design considerations in the development of a modern cavitation tunnel, PA Brandner, Y Lecoffre & GJ Walker
A parallel disc device for studying corrosion under intense flow conditions, N Subaschandar, JN Connor, AV Deev, IR McNeilly & D Druskovich
Numerical simulation of a Ludweig-tube fuel delivery system for scramjet experiments in shock tunnels, DY Gangurde, DJ Mee & PA Jacobs
Reduced gravity testing and research capabilities at QUT’s new 2.0 second drop tower, T Steinberg

Heat Transfer 3
Cooling by free convection at high Rayleigh number of cylinders positioned above a plane, BP Huynh
Radial-basis-function calculations of buoyancy-driven flow in concentric and eccentric annuli, K Le-Cao, N Mai-Duy & T Tran-Cong
Simulations of flow in a solar roof collector driven by natural convection, TB Thong, LM Quann & OK Seng
Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement in a duct in the presence of an electric flied at low Reynolds numbers, E Esmaeilzadeh, A Alamgholilou, H Mirzaie & M Ashna

Cavity Flow and Free Surface Flows
Particle image velocimetry measurements over an aerodynamically open two-dimensional cavity, P Manovski, M Giacobello & J Soria
Aeroacoustics of Aeolian tones and effect of periodic holes, RF Jones
Dynamic similarity and scale effects in turbulent free-surface flows above triangular cavities, F Chanson, S Felder
Characterization of low Reynolds number fountain behaviour, N Williamson, N Srinarayana, SW Armfield, G McBain & W Lin

Jets and Wakes 2
Active control of aerodynamics feedback noise from a small step on a backward-facing step, A Iida, T Honda, Y Tskumamoto & C Kato
Effects of oscillating plates on the plane mixing layer, its developing region and jet, M Ichimiya
Study of the effect on the wake structure due to boundary layer development on a elliptical leading edge flat plane plate using multigrid particle image velocimetry, K Kilany, L Chen & J Soria
Universal regimes of a free turbulent jet, DV Strunin

Turbulence Analysis through PIV
Characterisation of a low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer using PIV, CY Wong, S Herpin & J Soria
Experimental investigation of the three-dimensional structure of a shockwave/turbulent boundary layer interaction, R Humble, GE Elsinga, F Scarano & BW vanOudheusden
Comparison of high spatial resolution stereo-PIV measurements in a turbulent boundary layer with available DNS dataset, S Herpin, CY Wong, JP Laval, M Stanislas & J Soria
Analysis of scale energy budgets in wall turbulence using dual plane PIV, N Saikrishnan, EK Longmire & I Marusic

Aerodynamics 3: Forces and Wakes
Dependence of Strouhal number, drag and lift on the ratio of cylinder diameters in a two-tandem cylinder wake, Mahbub Alam Md & Y Zhou
Effects of crosswinds on double stacked container wagons, F Alam & S Watkins
Aerodynamic effects on an automotive rear side view mirror, F Alam, R Jaitlee & S Watkins
Computational simulation of the wind-force on metal meshes, A Sharifian & DR Buttsworth

Hydraulics and Hydrology
Influence of start-up time on the purging of salt water from a cavity by an overflow of fresh water, N Gillam, MP Kirkpatrick & SW Armfield
Outboards engine emissions: modeling and simulation of underwater propeller velocity profile using the CFD code FLUENT, JO Egerton, MG Rasul & RJ Brown
Summer upwelling in the Northern Continental Shelf of the South China Sea, ZY Jing, ZL Hua, YQ Qi & H Zhang
Impacts of uncontrolled discharge of acid rock drainage from Mt Morgan minesite on Dee River, N Tarakemeh, H Zhang, B Yu & C McCombe

Surface acoustic wave driven microchannel flow, MK Tan, JR Friend & LY Yeo
Harnessing electric fields for microfluidics – from lightning sparks to tiny tornadoes, LY Yeo & JR Friend
Electrokinetic flow resistance in pressure-driven liquid flow through a slit-like microfluidic contraction, MR Davidson, DJE Harvie & P Liovic
CFD as a design tool of a conducting polymer micropump, RA Archer & X Mandviwalla

Measurement Techniques 1
Oil-film interferometry in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers, HCH Ng, I Marusic, JP Monty, N Hutchins & MS Chong
Assessment of a scalar concentration (Komori) probe for measuring fluctuating dye concentration in water, JT Madhani, R Pendery, R Situ & RJ Brown
A force balance to measure the total drag of biofilms on test plates, AF Barton, JE Sargison, P Brandner & GJ Walker
Evaporator design for an isokinetic total water content probe in a naturally aspirating configuration, DR Buttsworth, C Davison, JD MacLeod & JW Strapp

Conduction and Convection 1
An investigation about the effect of injection parameter on hydrodynamic and heat transfer over a flat plate in the presence of compound wall jet, E Esmaeilzadeh, G Eslami & F' Beyghi
An enhanced characteristic based method for artificially compressible flows with heat transfer, M Azhdarzadeh, SE Razavi & ZH Azhdarzadeh
CFD simulations of the heating capability in a human nasal cavity, K Inthavong, ZF Tian & JY Tu
Assessment of effect of bubble departure frequency in forced convective subcooled boiling, R Situ, JY Tu, GH Yeoh, T Hibiki & GC Park

Cavity Flows 1
Numerical simulation of free fountains in a homogeneous fluid, N Srinaranyana, SW Armfield & WX Lin
Reduction of parasitic currents in level set calculations with a consistent discretization of the surface-tension force for the CSF model, R Meland, IR Gran, R Olsen & ST Munkejord
Bubble entrapment mechanisms during the impact of a water drop, JL Liow & DE Cole
Numerical simulation of flow past a stationary and rotating sphere, KW Poon, A Ooi, M Giacobello, C Peralta & A Melatos

Jets and Wakes 3
Visualisation of submerged cavitating jet: part one – the phenomenon, time-synchronisation, photo objectives and sono-luminescence, EA Hulti, M Nedeljkovic & V Ilic
Visualisation of submerged cavitating jet: part two – influences of hydrodynamic conditions, nozzle geometry and visualization system arrangement, EA Hulti, M Nedeljkovic & V Ilic
Enabling micro synthetic jet actuators in boundary layer separation control using flow instability, G Hong
Flow control in S-shaped air intake using zero-net-mass-flow, R Mathis, D Duke, V Kitsios & J Soria

Turbulent Measurements 2
Mean flow and turbulence nonuniformities downstream of a turbulence grid, JH Watmuff
Hot-wire attenuation and its correction in turbulence measurements, JD Li
Turbulent flow in a commercial steel pipe, RL Pepe, MP Schultz, M Hultmark & AJ Smits
Effect of initial conditions on scalar decay in grid turbulence at low RI, A Benaissa, L Djenidi, RA Antonia & R Parker

Aerodynamics 4: Forces and Wakes
A study of an inverted wing with endplate in ground effect, V Galoul & TJ Barber
Some basic aspects of the triple decomposition of the relative motion near a point, V Kolar
Characteristics of flow regimes for two plates of rectangular cross-section, AM Blazweicz, MK Bull & RM Kelso
Characteristics of flow regimes for single plates of rectangular cross-section, AM Blazweicz, MK Bull & RM Kelso

Analysis of Atmosphere, Ocean and Coasts
Modelling tsunami inundation on coastlines with characteristic form, TE Baldock, MP Barnes, A Guard, T Hie, D Hanslow, R Ranasinghe, D Gray & O Nielson
Modelling of low and tracer dispersion over complex urban terrain in the atmospheric boundary layer, AT Skvortsov, PD Dawson, MD Roberts & RM Gallis
A forecast model for atmospheric internal waves produced by a mountain, JW Rottman, D Broutman & SD Eckermann
Wake flows in coastal oceans: an experimental study of topographic effects, MJ O’Byrne, RW Griffiths & GO Hughes

Industrial Fluid Flows
Numerical investigation of a small gas turbine compressor, J Ling, KC Wong & S Armfield
Preliminary investigation of impulsively blocked pipe flow, M Toophanpour-Rami, ER Hassan, RM Kelso & JP Denier
Numerical simulation of pig motion through gas pipelines, SM Hosseinalipour, A Zarif Khalili & A Salimi
Transient flow and pigging operation in gas-liquid two phase flow pipelines, SM Hosseinalipour, A Salami & A Zarif Khalili

Turbulence Analysis 1
Modelling turbulence using vortex with varying strain rate, JD Li
Measurement of free stream turbulence: its modeling and computation, TK Sengupta, P Mohanamuraly, D Das & VK Suman
Correcting cold wire measurements in isotropic turbulence with a DNS database, P Burattini, M Kinet, D Carati & B Knaepen
Effects of corner geometry and adiabatic extensions on heat transfer through a differentially heated square cavity, Lei C, Armfield SW, Patterson JC & O'Neill

Hydrodynamics 2
Force and pitching motion variation of inverted aerofoils at high angles of attack in ground effect, D Walter & S Watkins
The forces on a fish-inspired unsteady hydrofoil, TCW Lau & RM Kelso
Effect of wave steepness on yaw motions of a weathervaning floating platform, J Munipalli & K Thiagarajan
Parametric study of yaw instability of a weathervaning platform, A Yadav, S Varghese & KP Thiagarahan

Gas Dynamics and Compressible Flows 4
Impulse evaluation by a force transmitting device in a blast environment, AD Resnhansky & SA Weckert
CFD simulation of blast in an internal geometry using a Cartesian cell code, J Tang
Modelling unsteady processes with the direct simulation Monte Carlo technique, HM Cave, K-C Tseng, J-S Wu, MC Jermy, Y-Y Lian, SP Krumdieck, T-C Kuo & M-Z Wu

Multiphase 3: Suspended Solids
Evaluation of two-phase turbulence closure models modifications in the near wall region of boundary layer, R Gharraei, E Esmaeilzadeh & S Baheri
Surface acoustic wave concentration of microparticle and nanoparticle suspensions, J Friend, H Li & L Yeo
Numerical analysis of the changes in dense medium feel solids on dense medium cyclone performance, M Narasimha, MS Brennan, PN Holtham & PK Banerjee
A numerical model of an electrostatic precipitator, SME Haque, MG Rasul, MMK Khan, AV Deev & N Subashandar

Turbulence Simulations 2
Cylinders with square cross section: paths to turbulence with various angles of incidence, MJ Fitzgerald, GJ Sheard & K Ryan
Comparative assessment of LES and URANS for flow over a cylinder at a Reynolds number of 3900, ME Young & A Ooi
An application of a second order upwinding scheme for an implicit LES CFD solver, PDM Brady, M Gaston & JA Reizes
Large eddy simulations of a turbulent mixing layer using the stretched-vortex subgrid model, TW Mattner

Vortex Flows 2
Three-dimensional analysis of momentary liquefaction near submarine pipelines, B Shabani & DS Jeng
CFD simulation of wave run-up on a spar cylinder, N Repalle, K Thiagarajan & M Morris-Thomas
Numerical simulation of a blunt airfoil wake, CJ Doolan
Validated CFD simulations of vortex formation in jet engine test cells, HW Hua & M Jermy

Industrial Applications 1
The effect of frequency and wave shape generated by a synthetic jet actuation on the cooling of microchips with channels filled with water, D Li, V Timchenko, JA Reizes & E Leonardi
A numerical study of the flow through a safety butterfly valve in a hydro-electric power scheme, AD Henderson, JE Sargison, GJ Walker & J Haynes
Investigation of damper valve dynamics using parametric numerical methods, FG Guzzomi, PL O'Neill & ACR Tavner
Water velocity measurements inside a hydrocyclone using an aeroprobe and comparison with CFD predictions, MS Brennan, M Fry, M Narsimha & PN Holtham

Combustion and Microfluidics
The optimum surface pattern to enhance flow oscillation in a microchannel, JF Wang, Y Liu & YS Xu
Experimental and numerical study of hydrogen fuelled I.C. engine fitted with the hydrogen assisted jet ignition system, AA Boretti, MJ Brear & HC Watson
A computational study of the influence of the injection characteristics on micro-turbine combustion, CA Gonzalez, KC Wong & SW Armfield

Measurement Technique 2
The importance of suspension stability for the hot-wire measurements of thermal conductivity of colloidal suspensions, M Chiesa & AJ Simonsen
Numerical analysis of external supersonic combustion of hydrogen and ethylene, JR Jones & FC Christo
Particle image thermometry for natural convection flows, TP Bednarz, C Lei & JC Patterson
Time-resolved temperature measurements in a shock tube facility, S O'Byrne, P Altenhofer & A Hohmann

Conduction and Convection 2
Transient heat analysis of a carbon composite scramjet combustion chamber, F Zander & RG Morgan
Heat transfer from partially buried pipes, JC Morud JC & A Simonsen
Enhanced heat transfer from arrays of jets impinging on plates, J Badra, AR Masri, M Freeman & M Fitch
Liquid film falling on horizontal circular cylinders, F Jafar, G Thorpe & OF Turan

Cavity Flows 2
An evaluation of computational fluid dynamics for spillway modeling, PG Chanel & JC Doering
Induced particle sloshing in a rotating cylinder, SC Dragomir, ES Semercigil & OF Turan
Numerical investigation of shallow depth sloshing absorbers for structural control, AP Marsh, M Prakash, SE Semercigil & OF Turan
Experimental findings and numerical predictions of shallow depth sloshing absorber behaviour, AP Marsh, M Prakesh, SE Semercigil & OF Turan

Spatio-temporal stability analysis of the separated flow past a NACA 0015 airfoil with ZNMF jet control, V Kitsios, A Ooi & J Soria
Measurement of micro synthetic jet actuation using intensity of disturbance, P Walker & G Hong
Some insights into synthetic jet actuation from analytical modeling, RN Sharma
An investigation of a zero-net-mass-flux jet in cross flow using PIV, CJ Dillon-Gibbons, CY Wong & J Soria

Combustion Modelling and Application
Factors affecting grid-independent results for compartment fire modeling, KAM Moinuddin & IR Thomas
A new internal combustion engine configuration: opposed pistons with crank offset, R Malpress & DR Buttsworth
CFD model of a specific fire scenario, D Mackay, T Barber & E Leonardi
Reignition dynamics in massively parallel direct numerical simulations of CO/H2 jet flames, ER Hawkes, R Sankaran & JH Chen

Oscillating Aerofoils
The effect of short-crested wave phase on concentric porous cylinder system in the wind blowing open sea, H Song & L Tao
Numerical analysis of flapping wing aerodynamics, MA Ashraf, JCS Lai & J Young
Experimental study of oscillating SD8020 foil for propulsion, S Srigrarom, WS Chai & HT Tan
Numerical simulation of unsteady flow and aerodynamic performance of vertical axis wind turbine with LES, A Iida, K Kato & A Mizumo

Gas Dynamics and Compressible Flows 5
Comparison of drag measurements of two axisymmetric scramjet models at Mach 6, K Tanimizu, DJ Mee & RJ Stalker
CFD designed experiments for shock wave/boundary layer interactions in hypersonic ducted flows, AG Dann & RG Morgan
Heat transfer measurements on a circular cylinder in hypersonic flow, G Park, L Gai & AJ Neely

Non-Newtonian and Multiphase Flows
An experimental study of bubble rise characteristics in non-Newtonian (power-law) fluids, NMS Hassan, MMK Khan, MG Rasul & DW Rackemann
Analysis of viscoelastic flow by a radial basis function networks method, D Ho-Minh, N Mai-Duy & T Tran-Cong
An eigenmode analysis of time delays in acoustically coupled multi-bubble system, H Yoon, A Ooi & R Manasseh
Symmetric mode resonance of bubbles near a rigid boundary – the nonlinear case with time delay effects, EMB Payne, A Ooi & R Manasseh

Heat Transfer and Combustion
An experimental study of the transfer function of ducted, laminar premixed flame, N Karimi, SH Jin & MJ Brear
Lifted turbulent premixed flames issuing into a hot coflow, imaging of temperature and OH, MJ Dunn, AR Masri & RW Bilger
Influence of fuel type on turbulent nonpremixed jet flames under MILD combustion conditions, PR Medwell, PAM Kalt & BB Dally 

Commercial and Industrial Applications
CFD modeling of globe valves for oxygen application, A Oza, S Ghosh & K Chowdhury
Airflow in a domestic kitchen oven measured by particle image velocimetry, CJT Spence, NA Buchmann & MC Jermy
Feasibility study of a bi-directional centrifugal pump for DBT class 45 CST gear-box used in underground coal mining operation, C Buckett, MG Rasul & MMK Khan
Electrokinetically enhanced pipe flow of coal-water suspensions using a non-instrusive helical anode-cathode geometry, PK Rozakeas

Hydrodynamics 3
Experimental and computational investigation of flow around a 3-1 plolate spheroid, DB Clarke, PA Brandner & GJ Walker
Comparison of added mass coefficients for a floating tanker evaluated by conformal mapping and BEM, W Hem Lata & KP Thiagarajan
An investigation of cloud cavitation about a sphere, PA Brandner, GJ Walker, PN Niekamp & B Anderson
Limitations on 2D super-cavitating hydrofoil performance, BW Pearce & PA Brandner 

Multiphase 4: Solids and Bubbles
Skin friction reduction by introduction of micro-bubbles into a turbulent boundary layer, K Mohanarangam, CP Cheung, JY Tu & L Chen
Evaluation of a proposed dust ventilation /collection system in an underground mine crushing plant, J Naser, F Alam & M Khan
Numerical simulation of solid flow character with the different inlet position of ejecting coal powder in CFB with SCT, J Ran, J Zhou, G Pu & L Zhang
Dynamics of vapour bubble inside a vertical rigid cylinder, MT Shervani-Tabar & A Eslamian

Turbulence Analysis 2
Sub-filter scale models for scalar transport in large eddy simulations, NH Williamson, MP Kirkpatrick, SA Armfield & M Behnia
Derivative free global optimization of CFD simulations, R Morgans, CJ Doolan & DW Stephens
Investigation of velocity-correlations in turbulent channel flow, CC Chin, JP Monty, ASH Ooi & I Marusic
Evidence of large-scale modulation on the near-wall turbulence, R Mathis, N Hutchins & I Marusic

Vortex Flows 3
Unsteady flow around a rectangular cylinder, CW Pun & PL O'Neill
Interaction of an unequal-strength vortex pair, J So, K Ryan & GJ Sheard
Non-linear growth of short-wave instabilities in a Batchelor vortex pair, K Ryan & GJ Sheard
Strain-rate development between a co-rotating Lamb-Oseen vortex pair of unequal strength, H Busch, K Ryan & GJ Sheard

Hydrodynamics 4
Cylinder wake – boundary layer interaction in the near field, CJ Dillon-Gibbons, CY Wong, L Chen & J Soria
RANS turbulence model optimisation based on surrogate management framework, TS Chng, R Widjaja, V Kitsios & A Ooi
PIV study of the vortex wake behind a translationally oscillating cylinder in a quiescent fluid, M Nazarinia, J Sheridan, MC Thompason & J Carberry
Low mass ratio vortex-induced motion, BM Stappenbelt, F Lalji & G Tan