Proceedings of the Fifteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents

Plenary Papers

The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
Small-scale turbulence: how universal is it?, RA Antonia & P Burattini

Keynote Lectures
Computing turbulent channels at experimental Reynolds numbers, J Jimenez & JC del lamo
Gravity currents in nature and industry, HE Huppert

Invited Lectures
Spin-up flow of an incompressible fluid, JS Park & JM Hyun
The energetics of horizontal convection, RW Griffiths & GO Hughes
Very large-scale structure observed in DNS of turbulent channel flow with passive scalar transport, H Kawamura, H Abe & Y Matsuo
Effects of subtle and dramatic changes to initial conditions on a jet’s turbulent structure, mixing and combustion, GJ Nathan, J Mi, GJR Newbold, DS Nobes & ZT Alwahabi

Contributed Papers
The cut-off frequency of constant temperature hot-wire systems in turbulent velocity measurements, JD Li
The effect of Coriolis force on Maragoni convection, I Hashim & W Sarma
Dam break wave propagation on abrupt drops: an experimental study, H Chanson
A new solution for ocean waves propagating over a sloping beach, D-S Jeng & BR Seymour
Simultaneous field measurements of turbulence and water quality in a sub-tropical estuary in Australia, H Chanson, R Brown & J Ferris
SD velocity-field analysis using triple decomposition of motion, V Kolar
Numerical simulation of drop formation in a T-shaped microchannel, JL Liow
Flow of nonlinear viscoelastic fluid in concentric rotating cylinders with relative rotation, M Mirzazadeh, F Rashidi & SH Hashemabadi
Behaviour of water droplets falling in oil under the influence of an electric field, M Chiesa & JA Melheim
Electrocoaledscence modeling: an engineering approach, M Chiesa
Partially-reflecting characteristic-based boundary conditions, R Olsen & IR Gran
Feasibility study using computational fluid dynamics for the use of a turbine for extracting energy from the tide, DA Egarr, T O’Doherty, S Morris & RG Ayre
A numerical study of the application of radial basis function and generalized smoothed particle hydrodynamics to CFD, J Ha
The effect of zero-mean suction on Grtler vortices: a receptivity approach, JP Denier
The safe basin erosion of a ship in waves with single degree of freedom, X Wu, L Tao & Y Li
Exchange flow between continuously stratified reservoirs, Andrew Mc, C Hogg, PD Killworth
Simulations of the dam break problem and impact flows using a NavierStokes solver, K Abdolmaleki, KP Thiagarajan & MT Morris-Thomas
Numerical study of moist air flow through the Ludwieg tube, M Tanaka, S Matsuo, R Nishizaki, HD Kim & T Setoguchi
Measurement and modeling of controlled beach groundwater levels under wave action, LS Ang, CH-Y Sum, TE Baldock, L Li & P Nielson
Drag reduction on bluff bodies using a rotating device, SE Robson & NA Ahmed
Radial turbine with pitch-controlled guide vanes for wave energy conversion, M Takao, Y Fujioka, H Ito & T Setoguchi
The zeroth law of turbulence in steady isotropic turbulence, BR Pearson, TA Yousef, NEL Haugen, A Brandenburg & P- Krogstad
The stability of decaying pipe flow, N Jewell & JP Denier
Effect of delta wing’s leading edge geometry to vortex breakdown, Sutthiphong Srigrarom
Outflow from a plume impinging on a horizontal boundary, NB Kaye & GR Hunt
On transient flow in a ventilated filling box, GR Hunt & NB Kaye
A study of base drag optimization using mass bleed, YK Lee, HD Kim & S Raghunathan
Modelling chemical reaction in a scalar mixing layer, BL Sawford
Velocity measurement in turbulent boundary layer of drag-reducing surfactant solution, M Itoh, S Tamano, K Yokota & M Ninagawa
Numerical investigation of unsteady flow and heat transfer in wavy channels, Mohammad Zakir Hossain & AKM Sadrul Islam
Surface-flow patterns in oscillating-triangular-jet nozzles, SK Lee, PV Lanspeary, GJ Nathan & RM Kelso
Influence of vegetation height and density on turbulent boundary layer, P Gualtieri, G Pulci Doria & L Taglialatela
The transport of sediment over a sloping breakwater, AJ Hogg & D Pritchard
Preliminary identification of flow regimes in a mechanically oscillated planar jet, M Riese, GJ Nathan & RM Kelso
Turbulent stress invariant analysis: clarification of existing terminology, AJ Simonsen & P- Krogstad
A physical model of the turbulent boundary layer consonant with the structure of the mean momentum balance, J Klewicki, P McMurtry, P Fife & T Wei
Dynamics of a transient wave group breaking on a beach, TE Bladock
Detonation modeling of corner-turning shocks in PBXN-111, JP Lu, FC Christo & DL Kennedy
The external flow structure of a naturally precessing fluidic jet, Chong Yau Wong, Richard M Kelso & Graham J Nathan
An investigation of the influence of nozzle aspect ratio on velocity field of turbulent plane jet, RC Deo, J Mi & GJ Nathan
The anomalous refraction of shock waves in gases, LF Henderson, EG Puckett & P Colella
Autocorrelation functions and the determination of integral length with reference to experimental and numerical data, PL O’Neill, D Nicolaides, D Honnery & JSoria
Experimental-numerical investigation of a bend diffuser-configuration, AJ Simonsen & P-Krogstad
Numerical studies on turbulent separated flows in high-velocity transient motors, VR Sanal Kumar, HD Kim, BN Raghunandan & T Setoguchi
The effect of turbulence on cloud droplet collision rates, CN Franklin, PA Vaillancourt, MK Yau & P Bartello
Low-Reynolds-number stirring in simple devices, SM Cox
Bubble entrapment during water drop impacts, DE Cole & JL Liow
Scaling analysis and direct simulation of unsteady natural convection cooling of fluid with Pr¡1 in a vertical cylinder, Wenxian Lin & SW Armfield
Effects of axial pulsing on unconfined vortex breakdown, S Khalil, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
The aerodynamic forces on a series of tennis balls, F Alam, S Watkins & A Subic
Topographically trapped finite-amplitude kink solitons, SR Clarke
Linear and nonlinear acoustic behaviour of outlet nozzles, WH Moase, MJ Brear & C Manzie
Optimal nose shaping for delayed boundary-layer separation in laminar plane-symmetric and axisymmetric flow, TW Mattner, EO Tuck & JP Denier
The unsteady near-wake of a simplified passenger car, G Vino, S Watkins, P Mousley, J Watmuff & S Prasad
Convective exchange between two connected chambers, MA Coman, GO Hughes & RC Kerr
Lamb vector properties of swirling jets, W Kollmann & G Umont
Measurements of temperature and water vapour concentration in a scramjet combustor, AD Griffiths & AFP Houwing
Preliminary examination of a round jet initial condition anomaly for the k- turbulence model, EJ Smith, J Mi, GJ Nathan & BB Dally
Modelling of transient behaviour in a Francis turbine power plant, Tzuu Bin Ng, GJ Walker & JE Sargison
Skin friction CFD calculation for complex flow: turbulent flow along an external corner, KAM Moinuddin, PN Joubert & MS Chong
Influence of free-stream turbulence on wakewake interaction in an axial compressor, AD Henderson, GJ Walker & JD Hughes
Experiments and modeling of impinging jets and premixed stagnation flames, JM Bergthorson, DG Goodwin & PE Dimotakis
Effect of grid geometry on the scale-by-scale budget of decaying grid turbulence, P Lavoie, RA Antonia & L Djenidi
Some hydrodynamic characteristics of an air-cushion supported concrete gravity structure, B Chenu, MT Morris-Thomas & KP Thiagarjan
Study of micro shock waves and cavitation generated by Ho: YAG laser beam for medical application, SHR Hosseini & K Takayama
Experimental review of devices to artificially thicken wind tunnel boundary layers, JE Sargison, GJ Walker, V Bond & G Chevalier
The entrance length for fully developed turbulent channel flow, K Lien, JP Monty, MS Chong & A Ooi
The development and use of dynamic pressure probes with extended cones of acceptance (ECA), Simon Watkins, Peter Mousley & Gioacchino Vino
The effect of particle concentration on the coefficient of drag of a spherical particle, DS Dodds & J Naser
Periodic forcing of baroclinic basin-scale waves in a rotating stratified basin, GW Wake, J Gula & GN Ivey
An internal solitary wave parameterization for hydrodynamic lake models, L Boegman, GN Ivey & J Imberger
Differential diffusion: often a finite-mixing length effect, Peter Nielsen & Ian AL Teakle
Shedding some light on beta factors, IAL Teakle & P Nielsen
Modelling gas-liquid bubbly flows, GH Yeoh & JY Tu
Numerically modeling blockage effects on the flow between flat plates, MD Griffith, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
Effects of turbulence manipulation in skimming flows: an experimental study, CA Gonzalez & H Chanson
Hydrodynamic performance of a surfboard fin, PA Brandner & GJ Walker
Effect of localized wall suction on the small-scale motion in a turbulent boundary layer, O Oyewola, L Djenidi, P Burattini & RA Antonia
Pressure measurements on an automobile side rear view mirror, R Jaitlee, F Alam & S Watkins
A numerical comparison of forced and free vibration of circular cylinders at low Reynolds number, JS Leontini, MC Thompson & K Hourigan
Vortex wake and energy transitions of an oscillating cylinder at low Reynolds number, BE Stewart, JS Leontini, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
Comparison of flow characteristics of 45 forward and 45 backward facing proximal anastomosis models: a particle image velocimetry study, WF Ji, KP Chua, M Zhou & SCM Yu
Dynamic measurement of differential buffet pressure, JH Watmuff, G Vino, S Watkins & B Hill
Evidence of the -1-law in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer, TB Nickels, S Hafez, I Marusic & MS Chong
Characterising roof ventilators, A Revel & BP Huynh
Laminar-turbulent transition of a boundary layer by a single roughness element in an inlet region of a circular pipe, M. Ichimiya
Model for anomalous scaling of turbulent structure functions, TS Lundgren
Noise emission in large aspect ratio cavities, G Guj, R Camussi, A Di Marco & A Ragni
Analysis of the propeller wake by pressure and velocity correlation, M Felli, F Di Felice, G Guj & R Camussi
Dominant spanwise Fourier modes, and the existence of very large scale coherence in turbulent boundary layers, N Hutchins, B Ganapathisubramani & I Marusic
Dual-plane PIV investigation of structural features in a turbulent boundary layer, I Marusic, B Ganapathisubramani & EK Longmire
Numerical study of flow and forced heat transfer of Robertson-Stiff fluid flowing axially through concentric annuli, Aliakbar Heydari Gorji & Fariborz Rashidi
Numerical analysis of turbulent convective heat transfer processes in a square –sectioned U-bend duct, Sassan Etemad & Bengt Sundn
The internal wave field generated by the body and wake of a horizontally moving sphere in a stratified fluid, James W Rottman, Dave Broutman, Geoff Spedding & Patrice Meunier
Direct injection of natural gas/liquid diesel fuel sprays, TR White, BE Milton & M Behnia
The turbulent wind environment of birds, insects and MAVs, S Watkins & G Vino
Coherent structure dynamics in jets from irregular shaped nozzles, J Hart, J Naser & P Witt
CFD investigation of particle deposition around bends in a turbulent flow, A Hossain & J Naser
A steady filling box solution with zero net buoyancy flux, GO Hughes, RW Griffiths & JC Mullarney
Experimental investigation of a rectangular slot-burner in the presence of cross-flow for different jet velocity ratios, S Ahmed, J Naser, J Nikolov, C Solnordal, W Yang & J Hart
Direct and large eddy simulation of a turbulent channel flow with roughness on one wall, S Leonardi, F Tessicini, P Orlandi & RA Antonia
Evolution of a turbulent wedge from a streamwise streak, JH Watmuff
Response of ocean circulation to variable wind forcing, AE Kiss & C Mnesguen
A directional event detector for conditional laser imaging, PV Lanspeary & SK Lee
Investigations on the closure of laminar separation bubbles, RL Thomas & JP Gostelow
Flow measurements in microchannels using a MicroPIV system, Wing T Lai & Rajan K Menon
Experimental investigation of impinging axisymmetric turbulent fountains, Paul Cooper & Gary R Hunt
Axisymmetric jet control using passive grids, R Lehman, S Rajagopalan, P Burattini & RA Antonia
Flows within a cylindrical cell culture bioreactor with a free-surface and a rotating base, J Dusting, J Sheridan & K Hourigan
Effect of initial conditions on the far field of a round jet, P Burattini, RA Antonia & S Rajagopalan
Numerical analysis of a hydrocyclone in a recirculating aqua-culture system, Eunpil Kim, Gul Chang & Jung In Yoon
Turbulence models and boundary conditions for bluff body flow, ME Young & A Ooi
Non-Newtonian flow behaviour in particulate suspensions under magnetic fields, H See
Modelling of solid wall boundaries in computational acoustics, RCZ Cohen, A Ooi & R Widjaja
Unsteady RANS simulation of high Reynolds number trailing edge flow, D Ang, L Chen & J Tu
Air entrainment by free falling streams of particles, Zequin Liu, Paul Cooper & Peter W Wypych
Experimental investigation of flow-induced vibration in a parallel plate reactor fuel assembly, Mark Ho, Guang Hong & ANF Mack
Flow past a cylinder with free hemispherical ends: comments on grid independence and wake symmetry characteristics, GJ Sheard, Mark C Thompson & K Hourigan
Three-dimensional instabilities and transition in pulsatile stenotic flows, HM Blackburn & SJ Sherwin
Three-dimensional quasi-periodic instabilities of two-dimensional time-periodic flows, HM Blackburn, JM Lopez & F Marques
Fire behaviour studies of combustible wall linings applying Fire Dynamics Simulator, AZ Moghaddam, K Moinudding, IR Thomas, ID Bennetts & M Culton
Free surface monitoring using image processing, PDM Brady, M Boutounet & S Beecham
A numerical study of enhanced micro-channel cooling using a synthetic jet actuator, V Timchenko, J Reizes & E Leonardi
Identification of aerodynamic sounds source in the wake of a rotating circular cylinder, A Iida, A Mizuno & RJ Brown
Dynamic analysis of airflow features in a 3D real-anatomical geometry of the human nasal cavity, H Tang, JY Tu, HF Li, B Au-Hijleh, CC Xue & CG Li
Nonlinear dynamics of thermoacoustic instability using a kinematic, premixed flame model, N Karimi, MJ Brear & SH Jin
Mean flow characteristics of a micro-injector induced swirling jet, IK Toh, P O’Neill, D Honnery & J Soria
Simulation of vehicle A-pillar aerodynamics of various yaw angles, NM Murad, J Naser, F Alam & S Watkins
Active flow control over a NACA 0015 airfoil using a ZNMF jet, A Tuck & J Soria
Velocity distribution in an asymmetric diffuser with perforated plates, MN Noui-Mehidi, J Wu & I Sutalo
Gap effect on Taylor vortex size between rotating conical cylinders, MN Noui-Mehidi, N Ohmura & K Kataoka
A blob insertion technique for the vortex blob method, C Macaskill
Design and calibration of a wind tunnel with a two-dimensional contraction, JE Sargison, GJ Walker & R Rossi
Radiant heating of a bio-oil droplet: a quest for a suitable model and scaling of pre-explosion conditions, JY Hristov, V Stamatov, DR Honnery & J Soria
Thin-film flow in open helically-wound channels, YM Stokes, SK Wilson & BR Duffy
Effect of pulsation rate on spray-spreading rate in an isothermal environment, L Stamatova, Honnery, V Stamatov, J Ghojel & J Soria
Flow structure around a finite-length square prism, HF Wang, Y Zhou, CK Chan, WO Wang & KS Lam
Active control of vortex-airfoil interactions, MM Zhang, Y Zhou & L Cheng
A two-dimensional analysis of the effect of a rotating cylinder on an inverted aerofoil in ground effect, S Diasinos, TJ Barber, E Leonardi & SD Hall
PIV measurements in a square backward facing step, M Piirto, A Karvinen, H Ahlstedt, P Saarenrinne & R Karvinen
Stabilisation of a trapped vortex for enhancing aerodynamic flows, A Bouferrouk & SI Chernyshenko
Development of a fast response pressure probe for use in a cavitation tunnel, PA Brandner, DB Clarke & GJ Walker
Linear stability of natural convection on an evenly heated vertical wall, GD McBain & SW Armfield
An investigation of flow over a two-dimensional spherical cavity, CC Beves, TJ Barber & E Leonardi
Mixing characteristics of a notched-rectangular jet and a circular jet, J Mi, P Kalt & GJ Nathan
Preliminary investigations of vortex rings and jets in cross flow, ER Hassan, RM Kelso, GM Schneider & TCW Lau
Observations on high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer measurements, S Hafez, MS Chong, I Marusic & MB Jones
The effect of density ratio on the mean spread rate of a low pressure drop oscillating jet nozzle, G England, PAM Kalt, GJ Nathan & RM Kelso
Flow visualization of a pitching and heaving hydrofoil, Timothy CW Lau, Richard M Kelso & Eyad R Hassan
A numerical study of a circular cylinder in the wake of an airfoil, CY Zhou, CW Sun, Y Zhou & L Huang
The influence of mass loading on particle distribution in the near field of a co-annular jet, CH Birzer, PAM Kalt, GJ Nathan & NL Smith
Flow visualization of forced flow control over inclined airfoils, KL Powell, K Parker & J Soria
On collective oscillations of bubble chain and arrays, EMB Payne, R Manasseh & A Ooi
Role of plant buildings in a power station acting as barrier to the wind affecting the natural draft cooling tower performance, Ghulam Amur, Brian Milton, John Reizes, Jafar Madadnia, Simon Beecham, Peter Brady & Homa Koosha
Towards a universal criterion for predicting vortex breakdown in swirling jets, AJ Fitzgerald, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
A numerical study of heat transfer from a cylinder in cross flow, K Szczepanik, A Ooi, L Aye & Gary Rosengarten
Impact of outlet boundary conditions on the flow properties within a cyclone, St Schmidt, HM Blackburn & M Rudman
An experimental study of the jet of a boat propeller, A Loberto, RJ Brown, MK Kwek, A Iida, H Chanson & S Komori
Airflow distribution through the radiator of a typical Australian passenger car, H Jama, S Watkins, C Dixon & E Ng
Spreading radius of fountains after impinging on a free surface, CJ Lemckert
Preliminary estimation methods for sizing detention basins in Queensland, CJ Scraggs & CJ Lemckert
Design and experimental issues with heat exchangers for microfluidics, G Rosengarten, J Cooper-White & Guy Metcalfe
Investigation of the mean flow pattern in zero-net-mass-flux elliptical-jets in cross-flow using planar-laser-induced fluorescence, J Arnaud, S Tomar & J Soria
Flow past an impulsively started oscillating elliptical cylinder, TL Chng, TT Lim, J Soria, KB Lua & KS Yeo
Wake structures of a heaving airfoil, GY Oo, KB Lua, KS Yeo & TT Lim
Structure of a zero-net-mass-flux round jet in crossflow, S Tomar, J Arnaud & J Soria
Dynamic testing of aircraft models in a water tunnel, Lincoln P Erm
Stereoscopic PIV measurements behind a 3D flapping foil producing thurst, K Parker, KD von Ellenrieder & J Soria
Analysis of local flame propagation in gas explosions with multiple obstacles, DJ Park, AR Green & YC Chen
Stereoscopic PIV measurements of the flow past a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 15000, K Parker, KD von Ellenrieder & J Soria
Further study of spray combustion in a simple turbulent jet flow, Yung-Cheng Chen, Sten H Strner & Assaad R Masri
Laminar flow in a periodic serpentine channel, NR Rosaguti, DF Fletcher & BS Haynes
Simulating the deformation of Newtonian and non-Newtonian drops through a micro-fluidic contraction, DJE Harvie, MR Davidson & JJ Cooper-White
DNS of turbulent heat transfer in a channel flow with a stream-wisely carrying thermal boundary condition, Y Seki & H Kawamura
Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in a natural draft wet cooling tower, N Williamson, M Behnia & S Armfield
Three-dimensional transition in the buoyancy boundary layer on an evenly heated vertical wall, SW Armfield & GD McBain
Transient behaviour of the fuel spray from an air-assisted, direct fuel injector, SH Jin, MJ Brear, G Zakis, HC Watson & C Zavier
How to describe turbulent energy distributions without the Fourier transform, PA Davidson, BR Pearson & P Staplehurst
Oscillations of the horizontal intrusion in a side-heated cavity, F Xu, JC Patterson & C Lei
Numerical studies of contoured shock tube for murine powered vaccine delivery system, Y Liu, NK Truong & MAF Kendall
Application of transport PDF approach for modelling MILD combustion, FC Christo & BB Dally
The transient behaviour of a differentially heated cavity with isoflux boundaries, S Jiracheewanun, SW Armfield, M Behnia & GD McBain
Flow response to periodic heating and cooling in a reservoir, Chengwang Lei, John C Patterson & Yong Sha
Numerical method for the simulation of front evolving fibre suspension flow using level set method, H-S Dou, N Phan-Thien, BC Khoo, KS Yeo & R Zheng
Instability of fluid material systems, H-S Dou & N Phan-Thien
Simulation of turbulence pressure fluctuations on cylinders in axial flow, MJ Woods & MMK Bull
An experimental study of sudden release of bentonite suspensions down an inclined chute, H Chanson, S Jarny, L Tocquer & P Coussot
Comparing RANS models for flow and thermal analysis of pin fin heat sinks, B Moshfegh & Robert Nyiredy
A study of the global differences between axisymmetric turbulent free flames from a smooth contraction and a pipe with well defined boundary conditions, AD Langman, GJ Nathan & PJ Ashman
Control of liquid sloshing in flexible containers: Part 1. Added mass, Birham U Gzel, Marija Gradinscak, S Eren Semercigil & zden F Turan
Control of liquid sloshing in flexible containers: Part 2. Top straps, Marija Gradinscak, Birhan U Gzel, S Eren Semercigil & zden F Turan
Towards a valveless electro-rheological valve, Tam D Truong, S. Eren Semercigil & zden F Turan
Adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer flows: Part 1. Flow development, CM Anderson, F Turan, B Brzek & L Castillo
Adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer flows: Part 2. Scaling of Reynolds stress, B Brzek, L Castillo, AM Anderson & F Turan