Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents

The G.K. Batchelor Lecture
Shock layer instability near the Newtonian limit of hypervelocity flows, HG Hornung 

Unconfined vortex breakdown, P Morris, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
The vorticity of a vortex ring core, J Cater, J Soria & TT Lim
Interaction of two perturbed vortex rings with phase difference, CCK Tang, RCK Leung & NWM Ko
The two dimensional, self-similar, compressible Taylor vortex, K von Ellenrieder & BJ Cantwell
Physical appraisal of some classic flows in terms of boundary generated vorticity, BR Morton 

Mixing Layers
Numerical simulation of heat transfer in turbulent mixing layers, DK Bisset
Prediction of a plane mixing layer using various linear and non-linear k-epsilon models, JA Naser
Mixing, KB Winters & HE Seim
Instantaneous velocity and pressure measurements in a plane turbulent mixing layer, Y Guo, JD Hooper & DH Wood
Three-dimensionality of a plane mixing layer, Y Guo & DH Wood
Low-dimensional model of a plane turbulent mixing layer, L Cordier, C Tenaud & J Delville

Gas Dynamics I
PSP-measurements in transonic wind tunnels of DLR, RH Engler & C Klein
Total temperature measurements in a shock tunnel facility, DR Buttsworth & PA Jacobs
A combined experimental-numerical study of heat transfer in turbulent hypersonic flow, SG Mallinson & R Hillier
Pilot study for a rarefied hypervelocity test facility, M Wendt, M Macrossan, P Jacobs & D Mee
Numerical and experimental analysis of transonic wind tunnel wall interference problem, B Rasuo

Flow measurement I
A turbulent mechanism for pulsation-induced orifice plate flow meter error, LW Sigurdson & DD Chapple
On the use of various contour shapes in vorticity evaluation from PIV data, KP Thiagarajan & AW Troesch
An investigation of the structural dynamics of hot-wire probes, CS Anderson, SE Semercigial & OF Turan
Comparison of hypermixing injectors using a mixture-fraction-sensitive imaging technique, JS Fox, MJ Gaston, AFP Houwing & PM Danehy
The development of a micromachined hotfilm sensor, J Gorman, F Hussain & M Gaster

Jets I
Turbulence scaling for three-dimensional wall jets on convex cylindrical surfaces, BH Lakshmana Gowda & VSB Durba
High speed visualization of water jet impinging on a free surface, WK Soh, BC Khoo & WYD Yuen
Simulations of fully pulsed round turbulent air jet flow with k-epsilon and the Reynolds stress turbulence models, M Nordsveen & K Bremhorst
Effects of splitter plate and screen grid on waterjet intake flow, L Mununga, I Huntsman & R Hothersall
Smooth particle hydrodynamics modelling of vertical jet impingement, P Reichl, P Morris, SAT Stoneman, MC Thompson & K Hourigan
Experimental determination of ingestion of steamtube for waterjet propulsion intakes, JL Roberts & GL Walker

Turbulent and Reactive Flows
A pair of double-roller structures in a turbulent boundary layer, M Ichijo
Structure of a turbulent boundary layer and its dependence on Reynolds number, Y Kobashi & M Hayakawa
Measurements of differential diffusion in turbulent nonpremixed flames, BB Dally & AR Masri
NO predictions in methane-air jet flames using the conditional moment closure method, MR Roomina & RW Bilger
Simulation and modelling of reactive particles in turbulence, NSA Smith 

Meandering plume models in turbulent flows, MS Borgas
Predicted smoke spread in multi-compartment building using CFD, HL Li, JD Li, SR Kennett & MC Luo
Repeatability of full-scale experiments on a turbulent plume venting from a burn room window, S Klopovic & OF Turan
Shear layers driven by turbulent plumes, ABD Wong & RW Griffiths
Modelling reactive atmospheric plumes using conditional moment closure and a scalar probability density function, RJ Brown & DA Paterson
The stratification produced by a distributed heat flux and a plume in a box, MG Wells, RW Griffiths & JS Turner 

Rotating Flows I
Turbulent Taylor-Couette Flow, MJ Rudman & HM Blackburn
Simulating the turbulent Taylor-Couette flows using DNS, JD Li
A trapped wave model for confined vortex breakdown, A Brydon & M Thompson
An investigation of wave trapping as a cause of vortex breakdown in the torsionally driven cylinder, M Jones, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
Dual stream functions for 3D swirling flows, AV Reztsov & GD Mallinson
Resuspension by impacting bodies, SB Dalziel & I Eames

Particle Laden Flows
An experimental study of dual-particle settling under gravity, J Wu & R Manasseh
Wind tunnel experiments of the ground deposition of airborne particles among an array of idealized tree crowns, J Donat & B Ruck
The transition to swarm phase for a particle cloud, D Luketina & D Wilkinson
Experimental investigation of wall-rebounding particulate flows, YS Morsi, JY Tu, WW Yang & DD Atapattu
Computational modelling of particle-liquid flow, D Yang & CAJ Fletcher 

Computational modeling of diffuser designs for a diffuser augmented wind turbine, DG Phillips, PJ Richards, GD Mallinson & RGJ Ray
Comparosion between triggered turbulent spots and wake-induced turbulent patches on compressor blading, GJ Walker & JP Gostelow
The effects on impeller exit rake angle of the internal flow of centrifugal impellers, I Ariga & M Umezawa
Stability improvement of a mixed-flow fan through the application of guide fence in the curved vaneless diffuser, K Suzuki, H Kato, S Sato, T Sakai & A Whitfield
Noise reduction approach of an air conditioning turbomachine, JC Legros, M Lemasson & S Pauzin 

Keynote Address 2
Localised instabilities in spatially nonuniform flows, P Monkewitz 

Scalar Mixing in Turbulence
Turbulent mixing in an internal wave energized benthic boundary layer, G Ivey, K Winters & P De Silva
The decay of passive scalar fluctuations in self-preserving isotropic turbulence, JD Li
A dynamical system formalism for the study of passive scalar fields, L Valino, B Crespo, J Soria, J Martin & C Dpazo
Direct numerical simulation of mixing in isotropic turbulence with scalar injection, M Elmo, JP Bertoglio & VA Sabelnikov
Temperature dissipation rate statistics in decaying grid turbulence, T Zhou, L Danalia, RA Antonia & F Anselmet 

Individual air bubble entrainment at a planar plunging jet with near-inception flow conditions, PD Cummings & H Chanson
Hydraulics of rubber dam overflow: A simple design approach, H Chanson
Hydrodynamic sectional added mass and damping for a ship moving with forward speed, DS Holloway & MR Davis
An investigation into mechanisms of mine burial on the sea bed, PR Klepetko & DF Fletcher
Hydrodynamic heave damping of a vertical cylinder, L Tao, L Cheng & K Hourigan
An improved theoretical model for the resistance of a vessel with a transom stern, LJ Doctors

Computational Fluid Dynamics I
Zero divergence finite element viscous incompressible flow simulation, ANF Mack
A study of waves developed by Caldera collapse, JPP Gray & JJ Monaghan
Time-dependent simulation of turbulent flows in axisymmetric sudden expansions, B Guo, TAG Langrish & DF Fletcher
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional natural convection in a square open cavity, M Hateghi & SW Armfield
Numerical study of the vortex roll-up in a square cavity using a fractional-step method, CK Tan, ASH Ooi & MS Chong
Dynamic grid refinement using an object-oriented approach, JP Van Der Walt, YS Morsi & M Walters 

Non-Newtonian Flows
Ball falling through a viscoplastic fluid in a cylinder, L Chen, JA Reizes, E Leonardi & Y Li
Experiments with an electro-rheological fluid to control structural oscillations, TD Truong, SE Semercigil & OF Turan
Do particles segregate themselves?, K Liffman, D Gutteridge, M Rhodes & G Metcalfe
Modeling rod-climbing of viscoelastic fluids with orthogonal trajectory grids, XL Luo
Numerical simulation of viscoelastic flow due to a rotating disc enclosed in a cylindrical casing, T Moroi, M Itoh & H Toda
Hydroheater, LJ Mittoni & MP Schwarz 

Jets II
Some mean flow characteristics of two parallel plane jets, J Lai & A Nasr
The mean flow field of a precessing jet, J Mi, RE Luxton & GJ Nathan
Fundamental studies of synthetic jet actuators, SG Mallinson, G Hong & JA Reizes
The influence of the exit angle on the initial trajectory of a precessing jet flow, GM Schneider, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton
Mechanism of air entrainment by an impinging liquid jet, Y Zhu, HN Oguz & A Prosperetti
Laboratory modelling of a round jet in a unsteady crossflow, KM Lam & LP Xia 

Keynote Address 3
Turbulence near walls, J Jimenez & A Pinelli

Turbulent Boundary Layers I
Evolution calculations for turbulent boundary layers approaching equilibrium sink flow, I Marusic, AE Perry, MB Jones & MS Chong
Mean flow quantities for the turbulent boundary layer over a k-type rough wall, T Kameda, H Osaka & S Mochizuki
A stochastic model of bursting process in a rotating turbulent boundary layer, Y Ueki, Y Tsuji & I Nakamura
Reynolds number effects on wall-bounded turbulence, AJ Smits, DR Williams & MA Schmanske
Dynamics of the velocity gradient tensor in turbulent boundary layer flow, CJ Bulbeck, MS Chong & J Soria
Turbulent boundary layer development along a streamwise edge (chine) – Mean flow, NR Panchapakesan & PN Joubert 

Flow Measurement II
Application of phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging to flow measurement, BR Cowan, D, SG Mallinson, SK Cheung & SK Man
Multigrid approach to cross-correlation digital PIV and HPIV analysis, J Soria
Validation of the Cobra probe using turbulence measurements in a fully developed pipe flow, J Chen, DF Fletcher, BS Haynes & JD Hooper
High volume LDA experimental data analysis using an object-oriented approach, JP Van der Walt, YS Morsi & W Yang
Pressure sensitive paint applications in low-speed flows, C Klein, RH Engler, SD Fondov & O Trinks
Use of a hot-wire anemometer to examine the pressure signal of a high-frequency pressure probe, PD Mousley, S Watkins & JD Hooper 

Wind Engineering
Wind, JD Holmes
Some complications from modelling the wind flow over complex terrain at small geometric scales, AJ Bowen
Application of MC2, a mesoscale meteorological model for simulations of wind and other parameters in the complex terrain of Hong Kong, M Niewiadomski & DYC Leung
Aspect ratio effects in the development of a wind tunnel model of the atmospheric convective boundary layer, TJ Taylor
Computational modelling and flow visualization of wind flow over downtown Auckland, PJ Richards & GD Mallinson 

Free Surface Flows I
Modelling the motion of an interface past a thin probe formation of contact lines, JRA Pearson
The effect of bottom friction on instability and wave over-reflection in shallow water, PA Yakubenkob & GA Shugai
Prediction of crown formation following the impact of a drop on a thin liquid film, MR Davidson
Computing flows with moving interfaces: Application of mould filling, Z Zhu & N Stokes
Numerical simulation of wave breaking in shallow water by using a SL-VOF method, S Guignard, R Marcer & V Rey
Slag-metal flow over a weir, GE Assaad, JL Liow & NB Gray

Aerodynamics I
Soaring, T Sugimoto
The aerodynamics of the aurora solar-powered vehicle, S Watkins, B Liu & C Humphris
The fluctuating pressures on the rear of passenger vehicle, BR Gilhome, JW Saunders, R Mansour, JD Holmes & WH Melbourne
The flow characteristics around a car a-pillar, F Alam, S Watkins, B Song, T Steiner & C Humphris
Icarus – A rapid solution for aerodynamical analysis, RA Poole & J Milthorpe 

Keynote Address 4
Fingering the fluid-fluid displacement of highly elastic fluids, ESG Shaqfeh, AG Less, AM Grillet & IM Dris

Turbulent Boundary Layers II
An integral approach to the turbulent boundary layer structures, A Tanaka, M Yamamoto & JH Ferziger
Wall shear stress in clearance gap of blood pump model, LP Chua, SS Wong, SC Tung & WK Chan
Experimental study of sink flow turbulent boundary layers, MB Jones, AE Perry, I Marusic & SHM Hafez
Layer, J Kostas, J Soria & MS Chong
Measurement of wall shear stress in turbulent boundary layers using an optical interterometry method, N Nishizawa, I Marusic, AE Perry & HG Hornung
Effects of a groove on the near-wall structure of turbulent boundary layer flows, Y Dubief, P Comte & M Lesieur 

Aerodynamics II
Systematic measurements of a windsurfer sail performance, K Alexander & V Fumiss
Influence of ground effect on the aerodynamic characteristics of a high aspect-ratio catamaran vessel, HKH Ma, GJ Walker & AD Henderson
Leading-edge receptivity to oblique acoustic waves, D Fuciarelli, H Reed & I Lyttle
Flow modifications using distributed surface suction, J Szumbarski & JM Floryan
The importance of Froude and Reynolds numbers in modelling downwind sails, P Jackson & P Hawkins
Modelling viscous flow around 2-D yacht mast and sail configurations, KI Bailey, PS Jackson & RGJ Flay 

Boundary Layers
Nonlinear boundary layer receptivity with high-amplitude noise, WS Saric & EB White
The boundary-layer flow of a micropolar fluid over a stretching porous sheet, A Desseaux
Vorticity, AJ Dietz
The effect of longitudinal micro-striations and their profiles on the drag of flat plates, K Parker & AT Sayers
An experimental investigation of the fluid flow close to a moving solid boundary, GD Rigby, CD Rielly, JA Lucas, GM Evans & L Strezov
Effect of suction on a laminar boundary layer, M Ichimiya,. BR Pearson & RA Antonia 

Gas Dynamics II
Experimental verification of departure from Rankine-Hugoniot behaviour in weak Mach reflection, A Siegenthaler & J Madhani
Transition from Mach reflection to regular reflection over a cylindrical concave surface with initial wedge angle, T Adachi, S Kobayashi, T Suzuki & Y Sakamura
Planar laser induced fluorescence thermometry in a hypersonic boundary layer flow, PC Palma, SG Mallinson, S O’Byrne & PM Danehy
Numerical study of flow in a rotating shock tube, GB Horrocks, JA Reizes & SG Mallinson
Time-linearised code for simulation of unsteady transonic flows over an aircraft wing with moving shocks, E Ly, JA Gear & H Hung
The aerodynamic stability of superorbital reentry craft, RG Morgan & BS Stewart

Jets III
Vertical jets with a weak source in a quiescent homogeneous ambient, W Lin & SW Armfield
On the self preservation of a square jet, LP Chua, SC Tung, SCM Yu & WP Cheng
Investigation of plane lip jet from a narrow slit, C Grubb & S Rajagopalan
Trajectories of a plane jet into a cross-flow, X Wang & L Cheng
Detection of vortical structure and sound source in rectangular jet by pressure measurement, R Hiramoto & K Toyoda
Control of initial growth rate of a jet by combined precessing and axial jet flows, JJ Parham, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton

Keynote Address 5
Some aspects of the behaviour in wind of large grouped chimneys, BJ Vickery & JK Galsworthy

 Turbulence 1
Pressure structure functions in isotropic turbulence, RA Antonia, P Orlandi & BR Pearson
DNS and modelling of turbulent heat transfer in channel flow with a spanwise mean temperature gradient, N Kawamoto & H Kawamura
Turbulent transport of the Reynolds stresses in a rod-roughened boundary layer, RJ Smalley, PA Krogstad & RA Antonia
Eulerian and Lagrangian statistics of pressure gradient fluctuations in isotropic turbulence, P Vedula & PK Yeung
The sweeping decorrelation hypothesis and anisotropy in a turbulent jet at moderate Reynolds numbers, G Xu, RA Antonia & S Rajagopalan
Evolution of velocity gradients in simulations of homogeneous isotropic turbulence, MS Chong, J Soria & ASH Ooi

Multiphase Flows
Direct simulations of scalar transfer across wavy gas-liquid interfaces, V de Angeles & S Banerjee
Flow pattern detection in a gas-liquid reactor by gas supply line pressure fluctuation measurements, JJJ Chen, JC Zhao & ZD Chen
Planar imaging of scalar fields in a two phase turbulent jet, IM Kennedy, S Starner & RW Bilger
Fluid pressure transients with air entrainment, TS Lee
Modeling two-phase flow in a volcano, S Vergniolle

Pipe Flows
Large eddy simulation of turbulent pipe flow on semi-structured grids, S Schmidt, L Xue & F Thiele
A smooth tube simulation of roughened wall pipe flow, DRH Beattie
Axisymmetric contraction of fully developed pipe flow, LE Torbergsen & PA Krogstad 

Industrial Fluid Mechanics I
SPH modelling of isothermal high pressure die casting, P Cleary & J Ha
The application of LDA to characterize cross-flow from an oscillating jet in a water model of a thin slab casting mould, NJ Lawson & MR Davidson
Computational fluid dynamics as a tool in the minerals processing and metal production industries, LJ Mittoni & MP Schwarz
Parallel processing in Lagrangian treatment of particulate phase in a power utility boiler, A Eghlimi, CAJ Fletcher & JA Reizes
Effect of heat transfer and solidification on high pressure die casting, P Cleary, J Ha, J Mooney & V Ahuja

Separated Flows
Instability and transition in a flow over a backward facing step, RD Henderson, D Barkley & G Gomez
A mechanism for laminar three-dimensional separation in duct contractions, PV Lanspeary & MK Bull
Large scale flapping of separated flow, A Fouras & J Soria
On the interaction between steady and oscillatory addition of momentum in the control of separation, A Darabi, B Nishri & I Wyganski
Unsteady effects on separated flow transition in an axial flow compressor,
JD Hughes & GJ Walker
Simulation of stratified flow around a square cylinder using the RNG k-epsilon turbulence model, HR Moghaddasi-Naini, SW Armfield & J Reizes 

Keynote Address 6
Quantitative imaging of flow-structure interactions, D Rockwell 

Turbulence II
A spectral model for anisotropic inhomogeneous turbulence, H Touil, S Parpais & JP Bertoglio
Current, BR Hodges & RL Street
Decay rates of coherent structures in a plane turbulent wake, V Kolar
Anistropy of high Schmidt number passive scalar fluctuations in a turbulent near-wake, H Rehab, RA Antonia & L Djenidi
Vector alignment properties of particle-pair dispersion in isotropic turbulence, PK Yeung & MS Borgas
Measurements of velocity and vorticity in grid turbulence using PIV, D Nicolaides, D Honnery & J Soria 

Elliptic instabilities on open flows: Vortex pairs and wakes, T Leweke & CHK Williamson
Hot wire measurements in the wake of modified circular cylinders, JF Olsen & S Rajagopalan
A visual investigation of a cylinder wake flow about a downstream perpendicular cylinder, B Mohd Ghazali & RM Kelso
A comparison of two- and three-dimensional wakes of an oscillating circular cylinder, HM Blackburn
Turbulent energy and temperature variance fluctuations in a cylinder wake, T Zhou & RA Antonia
State selection in Taylor vortex flow, J Rigopoulos, J Sheridan & MC Thompson

Rotating Flows II
Mixing stretching and chaos in wavy Taylor vortex flow, M Rudman, G Metcalfe, J Tan & L Graham
The scaling of mean velocity profiles in turbulent Taylor-Couette flows, JD Li & J Wu
Separation in a rotating diffuser, TB Nickels & PN Joubert
Axial flow regimes in a confined vortex, TW Mattner, PN Joubert & MS Chong
Some observations of the flow in centrifugal separator, M Jones, P Morris, K Hourigan & MC Thompson

General Fluid Dynamics I
Evolution of vorticity in the bathtub vortex, AY Klimenko
Two-dimensional flow of a very viscous Newtonian fluid around a rotating elliptic cylinder, T Takigawa, K Kataoka, H Ema, T Yoshimura & N Ohmura
Numerical predictions of forces on a long rectangular plate subjected to cross-flow perturbation, BT Tan, MC Thompson & K Hourigan
Interaction between a thick axisymmetric boundary layer and a wake in the flow over a bent cylinder, FL Berera & MK Bull
Interference between two cylinders in a uniform stream, Y Zhou, RMC So, HG Xu & W Jin
Supercritical and subcritical Long’s vortices, R Fernandez-Feria

Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Steady convective exchange flows down slopes; Field and laboratory experiments, JJ Sturman, CE Oldham & GN Ivey
The development of temperature stratification in freshwater wetlands, M Waters & DA Luketina
Bars formation on a sloping erodible bed: A laboratory study, C Dulou, V Rey & M Belzons
Convectively driven exchange flow in a sill enclosed basin, T Finnigan & G Ivey
Flow dynamics in the ‘sliced cone’ model of wind driven ocean circulation, AE Kiss & RW Griffiths
Silicic lava domes on slopes, DI Osmond & RW Griffiths

Keynote Address 7
Experiments and simulations of transition in cylindrical pipe flow, FTM Nieuwstadt

Turbulent Boundary Layers III
Turbulent boundary layer over transverse square cavities, L Djenidi, R Elavarasan & RA Antonia
Rapid estimation of N-factors for transition prediction, M Gaster
A proposal of a physically based thickness definition and of a new mean velocities distribution law in a turbulent boundary layer on the ground of LDA measurements, P Gualtieri & G Pulci Doria
DNS of turbulent heat transfer in channel flow: Near wall turbulence quantities, H Abe, H Kawamura & Y Matsuo 

Stratified Flows
Downslope flows into a stratified environment, PG Baines
Laboratory observations of internal waves, BR Sutherland, SB Dalziel, GO Hughes & PF Linden
Mixing by a turbulent fountain in a confined stratified region, LJ Bloomfield & RC Kerr
The degeneration of basin-scale internal waves in lakes, D Horn, J Imberger & G Ivey
Stratification and circulation produced by heating and evaporation on a shelf, JS Turner
Laboratory modelling of fumigation in the atmospheric convective boundary layer, MF Hibberd 

Bluff Bodies
Three-dimensional vortical flow structure in flows and around plates, BT Tan, MC Thompson & K Hourigan
The effect of after-body geometry on the vortex-shedding characteristics of bluff bodies, N Rockliff & N Steggel
Feedback control of vortex shedding from a circular cylinder, YS Tam, JF Olsen & S Rajagopalan
Numerical study of flow over tandem array of two square cylinders, KL Lai & MK Bull
An experimental study of the interaction between grid-generated turbulence and a circular cylinder, Y Sakai, M Sakai, T Kushida, Y Kawai & I Nakamura
Damping and fluid-structure interaction effects for a cylinder in a cross flow, CY Zhou, RMC So & MP Mignolet 

Industrial Fluid Dynamics II
Comparison of SPH simulation of high speed die filling with experiment, J Ha, V Ahuja & P Cleary
Computational fluid dynamics visualization applied to medical magnetic resonance imaging, GD Mallinson & BR Cowan
Scaling of a novel sloshing absorber to control structural vibrations, JG Anderson, SE Semercigil & OF Turen
A study of the Kenics static mixer via high performance parallel flow simulations, ML Sawley & O Byrde
Fluid flow during gas quenching of steel components, I ElKatatny, Y Morsi, A Blicblau & D Doyle

Time and frequency domain analyses of long period waves in Port Phillip Bay, JB Hinwood, EJ McLean & HB Lewis
Entrainment phenomena associated with multi-liquid flow over a weir, P Liovic, M Rudman, D Assaad & JL Liow
Thermal-hydraulics code validation for HIFAR fuel element safety analyses, RD Anne, DRH Beattie & YJ Tu
Analysis of a research reactor under ATWS events using the RELAP5/MOD3.2 computer code, S Hari, J Tu & YA Hassan

Keynote Address 8
Sense & Serendipity: Some reflections on mixing, RE Luxton

Free Surface Flows II
Numerical prediction of flow over a triangular, streamlined weir, JE Sargison & JS Montes
Flow past a cylinder submerged under a free surface, PJ Reichl, K Hourigan & MC Thompson
A mathematical model to predict spray cooling heat flux, G Liu, YS Morsi & JP Van der Walt
A numerical investigation of drop formed vortex rings, D Morton, M Rudman & JL Liow
Numerical simulation of droplet impact on a high temperature solid surface, DJE Havie & DF Fletcher
Cross-stream oscillations of a cylinder adjacent to a free surface: Flow patterns and loading, J Carberry, J Sheridan, JC Lin & D Rockwell

General Fluid Dynamics II
A visual study of vortex rings fired transversely into a cross-flow, TT Lim, RM Kelso & AE Perry
A flow visualization study of acceleration effect on the Taylor-Couette flow, Q Xiao, TT Lim & YT Chew
Hydrodynamic model for horizontal and inclined solar absorber tubes for direct steam generation collectors, S Odeh, M Behnia & GL Morrison
Large scale turbulence in seagrass canopies, S Wallace, D Luketina & R Cox
Laminar to turbulent flow transition in cross-corrugated-plate cavities, MA Hessami
Modeling a turbulent flow around a sharp-edge obstacle in the closed channel and in the boundary layer, AF Kurbatskii & SN Yakovenko

Computational Fluid Dynamics II
Channel flow LES with spectral elements, HM Blackburn
Solution of convection – Diffusion equation on a triangular mesh, S Senthooran & S Parameswaran
CFD simulation of dense medium cyclones, DJ Suasnabar & CAJ Fletcher
Numerical magnetohydrodynamic modelling of a conducting fluid in a rectangular duct, PJ Witt & MP Schwarz
Numerical modelling of two phase flow – A benchmark solution, DW Stephens & JA Harris
Numerical modelling of double diffusive convective flow problems in porous rock masses, C Zhao, BE Hobbs & HB Muhlhaus 

Buoyant Flows
Bubble trajectory bifurcations in cross flow, R Manasseh, S Yoshida & N Kajio
Buoyancy driven flow in building enclosures subjected to fires, Y He & P Beever
Mixing by natural convection, AM Jellinek, RC Kerr & RW Griffiths
Resonant oscillations of gas sphere, SU Galiev
Instability of flows with vertical and longitudinal temperature gradients for different boundary conditions, W Schopf & O Stiller

Gas Dynamics III
Effect of heat release on hypermixing fuel injector performance in a supersonic combustor, MJ Gaston, NR Mudford & F Houwing
Modelling the internal/external explosion interaction from vented enclosures,
S Marsano, PJ Bowen & T O’Doherty
Computing diffusion flames with multi-stage combustion models,
N Stokes & Z Zhu