Proceedings of the Eleventh Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference  

Table of Contents


Keynote Paper 1
Turbulent mixing and reaction, RW Bilger

Plumes and Wakes
Wind tunnel and field investigations into plume dispersion through an array of obstacles, MJ Davidson, WH Snyder, RE Lawson Jr & KR Mylne
Transition mixing for plumes in a cross-flow with shear, RE Dugan & EJ List
Measurement of a cylindrical far wake, LP Chua, SH Lim, SCM Yu & HH Chu
Measurements in the turbulent wake of a rotating circular cylinder, DH Wood, PL Peterson & PD Clausen
Topology and transport characteristics of vortices in a turbulent wake: Effect of initial conditions, Yu Zhou & Robert A Antonia
Effects of end conditions on vortex shedding from thick flat plates, JM Pickles, MK Bull & Y Li 

Gas Dynamics I
Response of a movable wall to a shock wave, SM Nabulsi & NW Page
Fluid mechanics of igniter discharge in large calibre guns, WE Wildegger-Gaissmaier
Interaction of an incident conical chock with a boundary layer on a flat plate, SL Teh & SL Gai
The compressible turbulent boundary layer on a strongly heated wall, Doug Bong Lee, Franck Sochelau & Roger Leblanc
A study of Reynolds analogy in a hypersonic boundary layer using a new skin friction gauge, GM Kelly, A Paull & JM Simmons
Three-component aerodynamic force measurements in hypervelocity impulse facilities, DJ Mee, WJ Daniel & JM Simmons

Atmospheric Flow I
Waterspout studies I – Genesis and evolution, BR Morton, GL Roff & J Simpson
Waterspout studies II – Ground and cloud effects, GL Roff & BR Morton
The stability of vortex dipoles, Paola Cavazza, Gert Jan van Heijst & Paolo Orlandi,
Lagrangian plume modeling in the atmosphere – Mixing down of morning buoyant emission, Peter Hurley
On the mechanism of shear flow instability in stratified fluids and boundary layers, Peter G Baines & Humio Mitsudera
A wind tunnel model of an inversion-capped convective boundary layer, TJ Taylor & WH Melbourne 

Two Phase Flow I
Air entrainment in chute and tunnel spillways, Hubert Chanson
Effect of liquid viscosity on bubble expansion and contraction, Zhimin Li & Logan W Apperley
The effects of free surface and rigid boundary on a vapour cavity bubble, Ching-fu Yu & Wee King Soh
Novel bubbles in salty water, Michael Borgas & Mark Hibberd

Bluff Body Flow I
Numerical simulation of flow past an elliptic cylinder at moderate and high Reynolds numbers, using a spectral method, Yoshihiro Mochimaru
A numerical study of flow around two cylinders in tandem, Ismail Celik, Franklin D Shaffer & Yu Yang
Unsteady characteristics of fluid flow and heat transfer on a separated region of a circular cylinder, Masaya Kumada, Masataka Kato, Sadao Fujita & Teruaki Mitsuya
Prediction of vortex junction flow upstream of a surface mounted obstacle, Mark C Thompson & Kerry Hourigan
The turbulent shear flow around a rotating cylinder in a quiescent fluid (an interpretation of the turbulent field expressed in wave number space), Yoshinori Ueki, Ikuo Nakamura & Shintaro Yamashita
On the flow past a sphere on the axis of a rotating fluid, MA Page

Keynote Paper 2
Panel methods in marine hydrodynamics, J Nicholas Newman

Confined Flow I
Experimental analysis of natural convection in a tilted channel, Oronzio Manca, Sergio Nardini & Vincenzo Naso
Renormalization group analysis of nonlinear Reynolds stress models including effects of rapid straining, J Michael Barton, R Rubinstein & RR Kirtley
Flow characteristics in an s-shaped diffusing duct with asymmetric inlet conditions, JH Whitelaw & SCM Yu
Axisymmetric vortex breakdown in an annulus, Naftali Tsitverbilt & Eliezer Kit
The flow in a rectangular cavity on an axisymmetric body, V Baskaran
Interaction of the Ekman layer and sidewall boundary layer with system rotation and adverse pressure gradient, Ian MacFarlane & PN Joubert 

Reacting Flow I
Implementation of reduced chemical kinetic mechanics in the PDF calculation of turbulent non-premixed H 2-CO 2 flames, S Taing & AR Masri
Experimental study of a scalar mixing layer using reactive and passice scalars, JD Li, RJ Brown & RW Bilger
Visualisation of CH, NO and OH 2D-LIF images and concentration profiles produced in low NO x burners, D Proctor, IG Pearson & S Brumale
Fluid dynamic effects on flame propagation in a vortex ring, Katso Asato, Katso Asato, Yoshitaka Takeuchi & Takeshi Kawamura
Numerical modelling of an RF plasma torch with swirl, MZ Luo, JS McFeaters & GD Mallinson

Particle and Droplet Flow I
Review of selected methods of sediment transport estimation, Mehdi Habibi & Muttucumaru Sivakumar
Effects of turbulence on the settling or rise velocity of isolated suspended particles, Peter Nielsen
Prevention of small particles passing through a narrow channel with a flat wall and a periodically curved wall, Eiji Hasegawa & Tsuyoshi Otoshi
The application of wavelet analysis to extract particle size information from particle-laden flow images, Andrew Ooi & Julio Soria
Modelling of gas entrainment into a pilot spray in a combustion bomb, S-L Hall & BE Milton
Isothermal two-phase flow development from a model slot burner, JH Perry & X-H Yan

Two Phase Flow II
Computer study on the rebound of a vapour cavity bubble, WK Soh & M Shervani Tabar
The analysis of photographic data of a vapour cavity bubble, SB Harvey, JP Best & WK Soh
An improved model for wave excitation in liquid baths with gas injection, MP Schwarz

Aerodynamics I
Vortical flow computations on a flexible blended wing-body combination, Guru P Guruswamy
A louvred auxiliary intake system for a turbojet powered target aircraft, AM Abdel-Fattah, MF Lee & R Carmichael
Lifting surfaces with end plates, EO Tuck
On the generation of tunnel turbulence for road vehicles, S Watkins, S Toksoy & JW Saunders
Experimental determination of the velocity field within and over riblets in a turbulent boundary layer, F Anselmet, M Benhalilou & L Fulachier
The effect of a single protrusion on the boundary layer around a cylinder rotating in an axial flow – conditional measurement in the intermittent region of a turbulent wedge, Shintaro Yamashita, Masahi Ichimiya & Ikuo Nakamura

Keynote Paper 3
Simulation of the Costa Rice Dome in the Eastern Tropical Pactific, Toshio Yamagata

Boundary Layers 1
Structure of spanwise vorticity in a low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer, S Rajagopalan & RA Antonia
An experimental and computational study on the orientation of attached eddies in turbulent boundary layers, AE Perry, AK Mesbah Uddin & Ivan Marusic
Structure investigation in a turbulent boundary layer using orthogonal x-wire arrays, P-A Krogstad, RA Antonia & LWB Browne
Travelling disturbance appearing in a yawed cylinder boundary layer transition, Y Kohama & D Motegi
Response of a transitional boundary layer to wall vibrations, SY Kim, X Bonnardel, JP Guibergia & E Brocher
Optimization of particle image velocimetry using cross-correlation analysis with application to high resolution turbulent pipe flow, RJ Adrian, RD Keane, CD Meinhart & T Urushihara
Visualization of the three-dimensional time-evolving concentration field in a turbulent boundary layer: Preliminary results, Carl Delo & Alexander J Smits

Gas Dynamics II
Regular reflection of a shock wave over a porous layer: Proposition of a trivial solution hypothesis, Susumu Kobayashi, Takashi Adachi & Tateyuki Suzuki
Laminar flows of high enthalpy air in a compression corner, SG Mallinson, SL Gai & NR Mudford
Mach reflection of a weak plane shock wave, Takashi Adachi, Susumu Kobayashi & Tateyuki Suzuki
Aerodynamic aspects of satellite protection by upstream ejection, Geoffrey P Cathcart & Michael N Macrossan
Measuring the effect on drag produced by nose bluntness on a cone in hypervelocity flow, LM Porter, DJ Mee & JM Simmons
Hypersonic drag measurement in free piston shock tunnels, SL Tuttle & JM Simmons
Axisymmetric scramjet thrust production, Robert J Bakos & Richard G Morgan

Oceanography I
Models for the nonlinear dynamics of Langmuir circulations, Stephen M Cox
Mixing driven by internal Kelvin waves in large lakes and the coastal oceans, GN Ivey & T Maxworthy
Shear and instability in the flow driven by a shoaling internal wave, JR Taylor
A numerical investigation of the nonlinear interaction of short internal waves with inertial waves, C Macaskill & D Broutman
Large amplitude mode 2 deep-water internal solitary waves, Andrew Stamp & Ross W Griffiths
Wave transformation and dissipation on steep reef slopes, Stanislaw R Massel
Standing waves: Their stability and extreme form, GN Mercer & AJ Roberts

Thermal Flows
Multi-grid solution of the three-dimensional thermocapillary convection in a cavity, V Sass & HJ Rath
Numerical modelling of free convective heat transfer from heated plates in an enclosure, PW Cleary, AN Stokes, JG Symons & PC Bandopadhayay
Conduction blocking effects in stratified intrusion jets, SW Armfield
A numerical study of natural convection in an inclined thermosyphon with an open top, FO Gaa, M Behnia, SS Leong & GL Morrison
Numerical simulation of low Pr unsteady natural convection, PS Esposito & M Behnia
Bifurcation phenomena in confined double-diffusive convection with lateral heating, Naftali Tsitverbilt & Eliezer Kit
Multiple sources of buoyancy in a naturally ventilated enclosure, P Cooper & PF Linden

Hydrodynamics I
Time-domain analysis of ship motions in following waves, Masami Hamamoto & Kimio Saito
The motions of ships in shallow water, KP Klaka & GA Webb
Wave forces on a ship running in quartering seas – A simplified calculation method, N Umeda & MR Renilson
Water penetration by high velocity projectiles, M Chick, TJ Bussell & AP Linnane
Morison forcing of compliant vertical cylinders under the relative velocity assumption, Nicholas Haritos
Hydrodynamic excitation of single-point-mooring systems, Nicholas Haritos & Datong He
Hydromechanics of moored offshore structures: Prediction of environmental loads, motion responses and mooring forces, Wang Dongjiao & Mahmoud Katory

Jets and Shear Layers I
On the formation of wake induced structures in a basic annular jet, KK Lau & NWM Ko
Some experimental studies of vortex rings generated at tube and orifice openings using particle image velocimetry, TT Lim, RF LaFontaine, IC Shepherd & AE Perry
The character of the instability of the separated shear layer from a square leading edge flat plate, Julio Soria & Jie Wu
Multiscale analysis of organized motion in turbulent shear flow, DK Bisset & RA Antonia
The geometry of turbulent fine scale structure, Brian J Cantwell
Joint statistics between temperature and the temperature dissipation components in a turbulent round jet, J Mi & RA Antonia
On the hydrodynamic instability of the wall jet, MD Zhou, J Rothstein & I Wyganski
Instability in variable density round jets, Murray Rudman, Ralf J Gathmann & Marcel Lesieur

Reacting Flows II
Ignition of detonation behind reflected shock structures, DA Jones, ES Oran & M Sichel
On the existence of real standing detonations in scramjets, Michael A Nettleton & Andrzej Teodorczyk
Hypersonic ignition in a scramjet, A Paull
Energy redistribution of nonequilibrium hypervelocity flow in a scramjet duct, NR Ward & RJ Stalker
Scaling and ignition effects in scramjets, Maria V Pulsonetti
Species measurements using mass spectrometry in high Mach number flows, KA Skinner
Effect of fuel stagnation temperature on supersonic combustion with transverse injection, MN Wendt & RJ Stalker
Numerical and experimental studies of a pulse combustor, Joseph Ha, David Proctor, Ian G Pearson & Sam Brumale 

Particle and Droplet Flow II
Sedimentation velocity of some complex-shaped particles in Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids, V Ilic, JJ Vincent, R Zhang & N Phan-Thien
Fluid mechanics and mining, Keith Travers
Snowdrifting around groups of Antarctic buildings, KCS Kwok, DJ Smedley & DH Kim
Modelling of fluid dynamics in an electrostatic precipitator, S-L Hall
Flow visualization and velocity measurement in a classifier model, RF White, JF Peirce, SJ Meddings, JG Symons & J Jones 

Computational Fluid Dynamics I
A particle method for the solution of a one-dimensional non-linear equation, Alan Easton, Manmohan Singh & Gurong Cui
A near-wall model for the dissipation tensor, J Blair Perot & P Moinm
A note on the degree of universality in turbulence modeling, G Romberg
Regularisation of point-vortex methods by the inclusion of viscous effects, Gordon Hume
Application of dual stream functions to the visualization of three dimensional fluid motion, GD Mallinson & DN Kenwright
Flow simulation in a three-dimensional square enclosure with spacers, Liren Yu & Songping Zhu
A simple algorithm for generating the continuity and Navier-Stokes relations in the series-expansion solution of the Navier-Stokes equations, MS Chong
A calculation procedure for the three-dimensional turbulent flows using non-staggered grids, Baojun Song, Chuangang Gu & Yongmiao Miao 

Bluff Body Flow II
Flow characteristics around two crossed circular cylinders, Hidemi Yamada & Hideo Osaka
Vortex shedding from specially shaped cylinders, CO Popiel, DI Robinson & JT Turner
An experimental study of the flow around cylinders joined with a step in the diameter, C Norberg
Control of flow around a circular cylinder by a small strip of thin plate in the near wake, M Miyata & T Ohshima
Visualisation of a circular cylinder near-wake flow field by a CAFV technique, Ryoji Waka, Fumio Yoshino, Tsutomo Hayashi & Seiji Takebayashi
Flow control around a circular cylinder by a small cylinder, Tamotsu Igarishi & Takayuki Tsutsui
Fluctuating loads on cantilevered cylinders in uniform flow, CJ Apelt & TA Fox
Force coefficients of dynamically responding vertical cylinders derived from “pluck” tests, Nicholas Haritos & Murray Townsend 

Keynote Paper 4
Fifty years with fluid mechanics, George Batchelor

Boundary Layers II
Effect of sectional shape of rib on turbulent shear flow over rows of two-dimensional ribs on a ground plane, Shiki Okamoto, Shozo Seo, Kouichiru Nakaso, Hisaya Morishita & Kazuaki Namiki
A turbulent low Reynolds number k-ε model for riblet flows, L Djenidi & RA Antonia
What happens if a lebu device is inserted in the inner wall region?, PG Hollis, JCS Lai, & KJ Bullock
Some aspects of the effects of streamline convergence on a fully developed turbulent boundary layer, Salah Hafez & Peter N Joubert
The reattached turbulent shear layer behind a two-dimensional curved hill, V Baskaran, AJ Smits & PN Joubert
Characteristics of positive and negative pressure fluctuations in the near-wall region of a turbulent flow, LWB Browne
Study of laminar separation bubbles at low Reynolds number under various conditions, Alex CH Tan & Douglass J Auld

Molten Materials
Fluid dynamics, heat transfer and solidification in strip-casting metal-delivery systems, JS Truelove, TA Gray & PC Campbell
Optimisations applied to industrial computational fluid dynamics, AJ Lewis, JS Truelove, P Flint & AD Brent
Calibration of the fluid flow aspects of a continuous casting mould numerical model, Paul J Flint, Qinglin He, Rama B Mahapatra & Joe Herbertson
Stratification in steelmaking ladles, PR Austin, MA Gebhard & QL He
Modelling of steel delivery and fluid flow in thin slab caster moulds, Thomas A Honeyands, John Lucas, Joe Herbertson & John Chambers
Mould flow considerations during the continuous casting of steel, MB Harris & GD Mallinson
The filling of a vertical plate mould, CJ Were & GD Mallinson

Oceanography II
Convection over topography in rotating fluids, Scott A Condie & Peter B Rhines
The role of bottom friction in redistribution of energy in the tidal spectrum, M Amin
Wave-convection coupling in multicomponent convection, Andrew Stamp & Ross W Griffiths
Baroclinic vortex simulation, F Lalli, P Verzicco & E Campana
Raindrops in the sea I – Generation of vorticity and vortex ring production, BR Morton & RW Cresswell
Raindrops in the sea II – Experimental studies of vortex ring generation, RW Cresswell & BR Morton
Direct measurement of buoyancy flux in the field, David A Luketina, Charles J Lemckert & Jorg Imberger

Two Phase Flow III
Analysis of single-component two-phase critical flow through a converging nozzle: Application of a three layer model, Junji Ochi, Kyozo Ayukawa, Genta Kawahara & Takahrio Umezaki
Effects of pipe diameter on pressure drop calculations in horizontal two-phase flow, CH Newton, M Bhardway & M Behnia
Measurement of two-phase flow rates, MR Davis & Demao Wang
Bubble rise velocity in an inclined channel and the effects of channel width, JJJ Chen, Jianchao Zhao, Kangxing Qian, BJ Welch & MP Taylor
The effects of latent heat in an immerdsed vapour bubble, WK Soh
Damping of standing waves in cylindrical vessels, Jong-Leng Liow & Neil B Gray
Experimental determination of fuel film flows in manifolds, M Behnia & BE Milton

Hyrdrodynamics II
Hydrodynamics of shiphandling tugs, PA Brandner
Measurements of the airflow about a 1/64 scale FFG-7 frigate model and correlation with full scale results, N Matheson
Simulation of fluctuating airwake velocity over the flight deck of an FFG-7 frigate, Lincoln P Erm & Neil E Gilbert
Corrections for the finite-water-depth effects on ship resistance, LJ Doctors & MR Renilson
Exploiting periodicity in boundary integral equations, JD Fenton
Improvements in the computation of the wave function in the Neumann-Kelvin ship wave problem, Greg Marr

Keynote Paper 5
Vortices in the atmosphere, Enzo Levi 

Confined Flow II
Pressure losses in sine-waved tube flow, CO Popiel, JHC Hattingh, F Rosslee & DF van der Merwe
Flow and friction loss in a two-dimensional channel with rough walls, Shiro Akaike, Ichiro Nakane, Mitsumasa Nemoto & Toshimichi Sakai
Numerical valiation of isothermal and non-isothermal turbulent swirling flows in annuli, YS Morsi, CB Solnordal, DD Atapattu & NB Gray
The measurement of Xu/Xy in the wall region of a turbulent channel flow, Y Zhu & RA Antonia
Observation of the flow around a circular cylinder and a trapezoidal cylinder in a circular pipe by a dye-injection method, Kyoji Kamemoto, Yoshifumi Yokoi & Eiji Tanaka
The stability of spatially developed pipe flows impulsively started from rest, EA Moss & DF da Silva 

Gas Dynamics III
Shock interactions with hypersonic mixing layers – Steady flow analysis and experiments, DR Buttsworth & RG Morgan
Computation of high speed flows using an explicit spatial marching algorithm, K Srinivas
Modelling of a scramjet flow using various turbulence models, Craig Brescianini & Richard Morgan
A compound isentropic free piston driver for expansion tunnels, RG Morgan
On efficient shock-focusing configurations, LZ Dumitrescu
Flow measurements and calibration of a superorbital expansion tube, AJ Neely & RG Morgan

 Particle and Droplet Flow III
Behaviour of a water drop on a rotating non-wettable tube, Tsotumo Hosokawa, Yoshiki Fujiwara, Yoshifumi Ogami & Katsuhiko Jindo
The effect of electrodewatering on the flow characteristics of black coal – Water suspensions in pipes, PK Rozakeas, RJ Snow, SN Bhattacharya & CU Jones
A new technique for measuring the degree of suspension in mechanically agitated vessels, GR Drewer, GJ Jameson & N Ahmed
Dynamic behaviour of particle clouds, Hamid Rahimipour & David Wilkinson
Sedimentation and mixing at the top of a layer of suspended particles, J Stewart Turner & Herbert E Huppert
Experimental investigation of two-phase flows at low Reynolds numbers, F Christo & Y Levy 

Viscous Flow I
The mixing of pseudo-plastic yield stress slurries: Mass transfer, Quoc-Khanh Tran, Richard R Horsley, John A Reizes & Ming H Ang
A control volume method for non-Newtonian flow and its application to polymer processing, X-L Luo
A method for the determination of the plug interface and the flow of a Bingham fluid between rotating cylinders, PF Siew, JA Reizes, RR Horsley & SW Lye
Modelling human coronary artery blood flow, Peter R Johnston & David Kilpatrick
Flow visualization in a cardiac assist device, Allen H Nugent, Christopher D Bertram, Chun-xiu Ye & Mitsuo Umezu

Aerodynamics II
An experimental investigation of the separating shear layer from a circular cylinder, Jie Wu, Jheridan, J Soria, MC Welsh & GJ Walker
Flow visualisation of vortex shedding from slender cylinders in near-axial flow, WA Dekkers & MK Bull
Flow interference between two three-dimensional circular cylinders in turbulent flow, H Zhang & WH Melbourne
Base pressure recovery for segmented trailing edge aerofoils, MS Petrusuma & SL Gai
Prediction of mean base pressure behind castellated blunt trailing edge aerofoils at supersonic speeds, EC Magi & SL Gai
The effects of wall roughness and the external flow structure on backward-facing step flows, MS Badri Kusuma, Claude Rey & Patrice G Mestayer 

Keynote Paper 6
Current aerodynamic issues for aircraft engines, NA Cumpsty

Boundary Layers III
Wall friction and the structure of near-wall turbulence, Javier Jimenez
Low Reynolds number effects on near-wall turbulence, RA Antonia & J Kim
Turbulence spectra in the near-wall region, SM Henbest, JD Li & AE Perry
A study of combined effects of rotation and adverse pressure gradient on turbulent boundary layer flows: Part 1 – Mean flow results, G Ibal & PN Joubert
Cone angles and Reynolds stresses in an adverse pressure gradient boundary layer, I Marusic & AE Perry
Boundary layer development on paper drying felts, SA Rearson
Turbulent boundary layers at low Reynolds numbers, Lincoln P Erm & Peter N Joubert 

Turbomachinery I
A study of the inlet vortex in a centrifugal fan, P Chen, M Soundra-Nayagam, AN Bolton & HC Simpson
Swirling flow in a straight draft tube with annular and rectangular cross section, Toshiaki Kanemoto, Takashi Kubota & Haruo Ishibashi
A parametric study of factors affecting flow separation in a high speed impeller passage, NA Ahmed, RL Elder & M Lobo
Some fundamental aspects of centrifugal pump design, LE Reece
A new range of 5kW microhydro generating sets, JK Raine & S Heng
Performance of low specific speed pumps, Junichi Kurokawa, Takeshi Yamada & Hiroshi Hiraga 

Wind Engineering
A general investigation of structural wind loading and the effect of shielding, Zulkifli A Latiff & AD Grant
High Reynolds number wind tunnel measurements of pressures on a curved roof building, JCK Cheung, JD Holmes & WH Melbourne
Detailed approach for the evaluation of full-scale and model pressure measurements on a cantilever grandstand, NG Pitsis
Investigation of separation bubbles and inclined edge vortices above model buildings using laser Doppler anemometry, AJ Minson & CJ Wood
A formula for predicting resultant comfort parameters around and between buildings, AA Wahab & RA Sawyer
A detailed study on the formation of venturi effect, AA Wahab & RA Sawyer
Modelling of plume dispersion in an urban environment under neutral and stably stratified conditions, TJ Taylor, WH Melbourne & CF Grainger

Viscous Flow II
An experimental study on the dynamic behaviour of a hydrodynamic journal bearing, AK Tieu & ZL Qiu
Steady state performance of a tri-pocket journal bearing, Douglas Hargreaves & BM Reid
An optimisation of the orifice restrictors of a hydrostatic journal bearing with four circular recesses, ZL Qiu & AK Tieu
Behaviour of small diameter evaporating jets, TA Kowaleski, WJ Hiller & M Behnia
Reynolds stress expression in a superlaminar lubrication film, PB Kosasih, AK Tieu & MR MacKenzie
Helical flow of non-Newtonian fluids in a co-axial rheometer, SN Battacharya, SH Javadpour & AG Chryss 

Hydraulics I
Predicting the eddy kinematic viscosity in natural rivers, Graham A Jenkins
A transition function for artificial strip roughness in open channels, John C MacIntosh & Lewis T Isaacs
Pollutant dispersion in channels of complex cross-section, RI Nokes & GO Hughes
The mean vorticity downstream of a hydraulic jump, Hans Hornung
Improvement of flow and bed topography in a curved channel by reducing the slope of the outer bank, Shoji Fukuoka, Tatsuya Nishimura & Takeshi Sannomiya
A review of the last round table on water column separation – Valencia, September 1991, BB Sharp
Curvature analysis of spillway profiles, JS Montes

Turbulent Mixing I
Measurement of concentration statistics downstream of a line source in grid turbulence, BL Sawford & CM Tivendale
Predicting by-pass transition with turbulence models, AM Savill
An eddy drag model of turbulence, DRH Beattie
Interaction of anti-parallel vortex filaments, TB Nickels & TT Lim
Spectral study of weakly compressible turbulence, F Bataille & JP Bertoglio
Universality of velocity spectra, Henry W Tieleman
Upwind terrain and temperature effects on length scales of winds passing over high roughness ( sitka spruce) with ESDU comparisons, AJG Papesch & BA Gardiner
A technique for the measurement of the cross wind joint acceptance function, R Sankaran & ED Jancauskas

Aeroacoustics I
An investigation of vibration-excited boundary layers using the methods of chaos physics, A Pruiti & MP Norton
Development of the mixing layer of a plane jet under acoustic excitation, S Rajagopalan & KT Wong
Flow around a lifting aerofoil: Absolute instabilities and vortex shedding, J Gorman, J Soria, MC Thompson, MC Welsh & R Parker
Acoustic measurements for low-speed jets and high-temperature flames, S-L Hall & JCS Lai
Sinusoidal forcing of an axisymmetric leading edge separation bubble, M Kiya, M Shimizu, O Mochizuki, Y Ido & Y Ogura
Effect of varying trip rod position on resonator tube oscillations, K Hourigan, MC Thompson, E Brocher, A Andrianantoandro & MC Welsh

Oceanography III
East Australian current influence on Sydney alongshore currents, Tony Webb
Convection in a long rectangular box driven by heated and cooled segments of the horizontal boundaries, JJ Sturman, GN Ivey & JR Taylor
A non-linear evolution equation for wind driven, breaking waves, and resulting soliton wave groups, Marshall P Tulin & Jiyue J Li
A method for diagnosing climate change and ocean ventilation using hyrographic data, Trevor J McDougall & Nathaniel L Bindoff
Downslope gravity currents in a continuously stratified environment: A model of the Bass Strait outflow, Humio Mitsudera & Peter G Baines
On the flow generated by the unsteady motion of a horizontal cylinder through a stably-stratified fluid, PA Davies, DL Boyer, HJS Fernando & X Zhang
Fish tides and the added mass force, John AT Bye

Viscous Flow III
Friction factor and flow characterization of non-Newtonian fluids, MMK Khan
Numerical studies on curtain coating flows with a contact surface, Atsushi Okajima, Hisanori Ueno, Takashi Yamada & Satoshi Fukui
Gracity-driven flow of visco-plastic fluids as they cool and solidify, Ross W Griffiths & Johnathon H Fink
A novel oscillation phenomenon of the water rivulet on a smooth hydrophobic surface, Takeo Nakagawa & Ryo Nakagawa Jr
Deformation behaviour of large polymeric and Newtonian liquid bridges in stretching (plateau simulation), R Kroger, S Berg & HJ Rath 

Experimental Methods
RPT – The Roving Preston Tube, John C MacIntosh & Lewis T Isaacs
An application of a solid state LDA to hydrodynamic lubrication, MR MacKenzie, AK Tieu & PB Kosasih
Computational simulation of flow about a cobra probe with purging, M de Guzman, CAJ Fletcher & JD Hooper
Correction of sublayer turbulence measurements for wall proximity effects in hot-wire anemometry, PV Lanspeary & MK Bull
A transient stagnation pressure probe for temperature up to 6000K, DK Griffin, NW Page & RJ Stalker
Pressure probe measurements of the mean and turbulent structure of a swirling jet, JD Hooper, AR del Musgrove & B Smith
Turbulence statistics from a multi-frame particle tracking technique, MH Hibberd
Mapping instantaneous velocity fields using particle image velocimetry, Ian C Shepherd & Frank LaFontaine

Keynote Paper 7
Extreme waves and breaking waves, OM Phillips

Jets and Shear Layers II
A study of round jet in cross-flow at different velocity ratios, TT Lim, RM Kelso & AE Perry
Fluid mechanics of deflected jets: Evaluation of nozzle thrust vectors, SS Vidakovic & RE Luxton
Modelling of a steady and fully pulsed reattaching radial jet, ND Agnew, DG Elvery & K Bremhorst
The effect of swirl on the stability of a compressible axisymmeric jet, Mehdi R Khorrami
An experimental study of a precessing, deflected jet, GM Schneider, GJ Nathan & RE Luxtonm
Wall pressure and shear stress measurements for normal jet impingement, CV Tu, JD Hooper & DH Wood
Precessing and axial flows following a sudden expansion in an axisymmetric nozzle, SJ Hill, GJ Nathan & RE Luxton

Turbomachinery II
Experimental studies of the unsteady vortex dynamics of a two-dimensional pitching airfoil, RC Conger, H Oshima & BR Ramaprian
Unsteady force and pressure on a turbomachine blade, Tsutomu Adachi & Yoshimori Murakami
Effect of main rotor wake interference on tail rotor aeroddynamic characteristics, KR Reddy & TT Troung
The aerodynamic design of a 5kW wind turbine, PD Clausen, P Ebert, SG Koh & DH Wood
The NACA 0018-64 aerofoil at low Reynolds numbers with application to vertical axis wind turbines – including turbulence stimulation, KJ Mallon
An improved model f or the sucker pod pumping system, GW Wang, SS Rahman & GY Yang 

Atmospheric Flow II
Thermals, puffs and mass sources I – Similarity and variability, BR Morton, RW Cresswell & KCNguyen
Thermals, puffs and mass sources II – Numerical studies, KC Nguyen, BR Morton & RW Cresswell
Thermals, puffs and mass sources III – Laboratory studies, RW Cresswell, BR Morton, KC Nguyen & DG Baines
Low-level wind shear at Sydney Airport, Richard Manasseh & Jason H Middleton
Airflow in the lee of the Kohala Mountains, Zdeno Matta, Fiona M Guest, Bruce R Morton & Greg L Roff
The quasi-geostrophic slow manifold, AJ Roberts & SM Cox
Trapping of internal gravity waves in an inversion, HJS Fernando, MAJM Perera & Dl Boyer

Computational Fluid Dynamics II
A Monte-Carlo method for calculating turbulent reacting dispersed flow, J Shang & HG Schecker
Numerical computations of recirculating turbulent flows using different eddy viscosity models, Bjarne Noren
An operator-splitting algorithm for three-dimensional convection-diffusion problems, Daoyang Ding & Philip L-F Liu
Computer simulation and test bed performance of a variable fill hydraulic dynamometer, JK Raine & PG Hodgson
Numerical studies of fluid flow through multiply-constricted tubes, TS Lee
A numerical study of hypersonic leeward flow over a delta wing using a parallel architecture supercomputer, ER Mallett, DI Pullin & MW MacRossan
Numerical investigation of turbulence-driven secondary flow in a square duct using an anisotropic turbulence model, Baojun Song, Chuangang Gu & Yongmiao Miao 

Hydrodynamics III
The hydrodynamics of paddle propulsion, PS Jackson, N Locke & P Brown
A time-domain panel method for analysis of foils in unsteady motion as oscillating propulsors, Neil Bose
Modelling of the flow through a 3D curved intake of waterjet propulsion unit in a planning hull, G Griffith-Jones & AJ Bowen
A first course in optimum design of yacht sails, Takeshi Sugimoto
Vortex forces and cylinder dynamics, Jon B Hinwood, A Christine Josem & Richard J Aarons
Bank effects on vessel interaction forces, T Simmons, LT Isaacs & M Renilson
Viscous-inviscid coupling in ship hydrodynamics, E Campana, A Di Mascio, PG Esposito & F Lalli

Cavity Flows
Study of the vortex created at the head of a moving piston in a cylinder, James J Allen & Min S Chong
A study of the kinematics and topology of unsteady confined swirling flows, CJ Bulbeck, JM Lopex, J Soria
A numerical study of complex cavity flows via the Navier-Stokes equations, CA Atwood & WR van Dalsem

Aeroacoustics II
Pseudo-active sound attenuation in a duct, JP Guibergia, X Bonnardel & E Brocher
Prediction of a sound generated by a two-dimensional jet impinging on a body, Osamu Mochizuki, Masaru Kiya & Jin Woo Park
The use of passive absorption to prevent acoustic resonances in flow systems, R Parker, NHS Smith & SAT Stoneman

Valve Flows
Numerical analysis of subsonic free jets issuing from spool valve orifices, Tetsuhiro Tsukiji & Eiki Hayashi
Experimental investigation of the flow through a non-return diaphragm valve, CO Popiel, D Burger, J Haarhoff & PS Grobler
On flow patterns in control valves and damage induced by cavitation, KS Boddeus, T Colston & WK Soh
Numerical simulations and experiments for oil flow in a poppet valve, Hisanori Ueno & Atsushi Okajima

Turbulent Mixing II
The effect of initial conditions on the development of two-stream mixing layers subjected to longitudinal curvature, MW Plesniak & RD Mehta
Methods to detect coherent structures – A comparison, Per-Age Krogstad & Jon Harald Kaspersen
The evolution of a turbulent spot under an adverse pressure gradient, JP Gostelow, G Hong, J Lee, N Melwani, D Wan & WT Yu
Turbulent intermittency measurement on an axial compressor blade, GJ Walker & WJ Solomon

Hydraulics II
On velocity measurements in hydraulic jumps using LDV, small propeller and pitot tube, Satoru Imai & Takeo Nakagawa
Water distribution patterns from trickle irrigation systems, Zhimin Li & Logan W Apperley
Solute transport in hillside seepage, Wayne Read & Ray Volker
Potential flow analysis of flow over a curved broadcrested weir, JS Montes

Keynote Paper 8
Jets, plumes and ocean outfalls, Ian R Wood