Proceedings of the Tenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

Table of Contents


Keynote Paper
The dynamics of a mixture of two components, GK Batchelor

Turbulent Boundary Layers I
Effect of abrupt pressure gradients on the structure of turbulent boundary layers, Promode R Bandyopadhyay
A study of the Reynolds-shear-stress spectra in zero-pressure-gradient boundary layers, I Marusic, JD Li & AE Perry
Three-dimensional boundary layer flow with streamwise adverse pressure gradient, David M Driver & James P Johnston

Jets/Wakes I
Some instability characteristics in jets, JCS Lai
The velocity field of a rectangular wall jet, A Pollard & RR Schwab
On the development of a turbulent free triangular jet, WR Quinn

Optical Experimental Techniques I
The resolution of coherent structures by dynamic schlieren, MR Davis
Relationship between LDA velocity bias and flow time scales, AR Winter, LJW Graham & K Bremhorst
Spatial resolution in laser based-scalar measurements, MS Mansour, RW Bilger & RW Dibble

Acoustics I
A unified approach to the prediction of sound attenuation in lined ducts with flow, Colin H Hansen & David A Bies
Noise rating of fans on the basis of the specific sound power level, W Neise
Numerical prediction and experimental measurement of acoustics and flow in a duct with baffles, AN Stokes, MC Thompson, K Hourigan & MC Welsh

Compressible Flows I
Supersonic separated flow over a swept compression corner, O Ozcan, MO Kaya & H Unalmis
The structure of the instantaneous density field in supersonic boundary layers, Michael Smith, Vinod Kumar, Alexander Smits & Richard Miles
Measurements of glancing shock wave/boundary layer interaction from Mach 1.9 to 3.8, CHB Stacey & JM Simmons 

Stratified Flows I
Vertical heat flux in the hypolimnion of a lake, J Imberger
The response of a stratified lake to a surface shear stress, Craig Stevens
Physical mechanisms for the propagation of wind driven surface fires, Peter G Baines

Cavitation and Bubbles
High speed visualization of vapour cavity near boundaries, KC Wong, WK Soh & HR Blake
Underwater explosion bubble dynamics in the neighbourhood of boundaries, JP Best, A Kucera & JR Blake

Turbulence I
Mean normal pressure field for the near wall region in single phase turbulent flow, JD Hooper
A turbulent boundary layer at low Reynolds number with adverse pressure gradient, JH Watmuff & RV Westphal
On flow processes related to wall pressure fluctuations in turbulent pipe flow, A Dinkelacker, C Baumann & W Otto 

Keynote paper
Effects of rotation on homogeneous turbulence, WC Reynolds

Free Shear/Mixing Layers
Quantitative mapping of particle dispersion in an axially forced round jet, Ellen K Longmire & John K Eaton
An experimental study of forced streamwise vertical structures in a plane mixing layer, Rabindra D Mehta & James H Bell
A dynamical systems model for the axisymmetric jet mixing layer, X Zheng, M Glauser & C Doering

Prediction of turbulent swirling flow in a diffuser with a tailpipe, Nam-Hyo Cho & Clive AJ Fletcher
Numerical solution of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for steady-state and time-dependent problems, Stuart E Rogers, Dochan Kwak & Cetin Kiris
Near-field structures in three-dimensional spatially-developing wakes, Jeffrey C Buell & Nagi N Mansour

Multiphase Flows I
Effect of flow obstructions on void fraction profile in vertical air/water flow, V Ilic & M Senyolcu
Self-excited waves in gas-agitated baths, MP Schwarz
Flow stability in a large industrial fluidized bed plant, DR Burton, MC Welsh & GJ Walker 

Hypervelocity I
Numerical simulation of laminar hypersonic boundary layer flows, ML Sawley, S Weuthrich & JB Vos
Investigation of hypersonic injection, R Casey & RJ Stalker
Laminar fluid convection of low Prandtl number fluid in the annuli of rotating cylinders, TS Lee & KS Yeo

Geophysical Flows I
Viscous plumes and sheets falling on a density or viscosity interface, JS Turner & RW Griffiths
Viscous flow in propagating cracks: The transport of molten rock through the Earth’s lithosphere, JR Lister
Solidification and deformation of crust on viscous-gravity flows, JH Fink, RW Griffiths & D Corrigan

Vortex Shedding/Periodic Flows
Numerical study for the shedding of vorticity from a semi-infinite plate, Ching-Fu Yu & Wee-King Soh
Vortex shedding from rectangular plates in tandem, MK Bull, JM Pickles, BT Martin & MC Welsh
The influence of sounds on the flow over a long blunt plate: Vortex shedding and base pressure coefficients, K Hourigan, CYL Chan, LW Welch & MC Thompson

Heat Transfer/Convection I
The onset of thermal convection in a rectangular duct flow, Giorgio A Bemporad & Hillel Rubin
Heat transfer in a turbulent boundary layer, Lars R Saetran
Use of conditional averaging to obtain biogeochemical reaction rates and stoichiometries under turbulent mixing, RW Bilger, LV Krishnamoorthy & LR Saetran

Keynote Paper
Vorticity generation and transport, Hans Hornung

Flow Structures/Topology
The topology and vorticity dynamics of a three-dimensional plane compressible wake, Jacqueline H Chen, Brian J Cantwell & Nagi N Mansour
A new flying hot-wire system for flow topology studies, RM Kelso, TT Lim & AE Perry
Streamlines, vorticity lines, and vortices, Leslie A Yates & Gary T Chapman

Stratified Flows II
Mixing in density-stratified conjugate flows, Marco Rasi, E John List, Greg Sullivan & Regina Dugan
Direct simulation of breaking internal waves, SW Armfield & J Taylor
The nonlinear behaviour of shear waves, SR Clarke

Acoustics II
Active control of noise transmission into an enclosure – Effect of actuator location, J Pan, CH Hansen & DA Bies
Structures in diffusion flames – An acoustic viewpoint, IG Pearson, A Cabelli, IC Shepherd & NB Hamilton
Reduction of sound generated by a plane jet impinging on a circular cylinder, Osamu Mochizuki & Masaru Kiya

Experimental Techniques I
Tubing networks for full-scale pressure measurements, CW Letchford
A re-examination of the leaked-tube dynamic pressure measurement system, JD Holmes & RE Lewis
Characteristics of viscous flows in narrow rectangular channel, AK Tieu, PB Kosasih, M MacKenzie & SCD Ng

Turbulence II
Extension of pattern recognition analysis techniques to distorted and manipulated flows, AM Savill & JA Ferre
Some selected contributions from Peter N Joubert and his students to the study of perturbed turbulent boundary layers, SG Saddouchi
Modelling of the organized motion in turbulent flows, DK Bisset & RA Antonia

Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
Finite element simulation of the kinematics of the aspirated jet, DJ Hasberg & YL Yeow
Exponential shear of dilute polymer solutions, C Jinan & ME Mackay
Laminar circular entry flows of viscoelastic fluids, RJ Binningtonn & DV Boger

Compressible Flows II
A theoretical study of unsteady shock wave/boundary layer interaction in two dimensions, ASS Mahkri & JM Simmons
The simulation of hypersonic flow using a zonal approach, Jolen Flores
Hypersonic 3-D flow past winged bodies, Denny S Chaussee

Bluff Bodies I
Vortex shedding from cylinders in near axial flow, MK Bull & WA Dekkers
Flow past a rotating cylinder, BR Morton & DB Ingham
Numerical simulation of flow past a cube in a turbulent boundary layer, DA Paterson

Keynote paper
Low dimensional models of the wall region of a turbulent boundary layer, and the possibility of control, John L Lumley

Turbulent Boundary Layers II
An experimental study of a wake-boundary interaction, V Baskaran & P Bradshaw
The phase-dependence of a swirling, turbulent boundary layer, SG Koh, PD Clausen & DH Wood
Shear stress profiles in zero-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer, JD Li & AE Perry

Acoustics II
Wall-pressure fluctuations of subsonic and supersonic orifice-plate flows, MK Bull & WT Johnson
Numerical prediction of tripped flow past a resonator tube, MC Thompson, K Hourigan, E Brocher & MC Welsh 

Multiphase Flows II
Experimental analysis of free oscillating liquid drops, WJ Hiller & TA Kowalewski
Droplet dispersion in a round turbulent jet, Charles J Call & Ian M Kennedy
Two-phase bubbly-droplet flow through a contraction: Experiments and a unified model, B Couet, P Brown & A Hunt

Experimental Facilities
Factors affecting the design of a new transonic wind tunnel for Australia, Neil Pollock
Use of a four-wire probe for the measurement of turbulent vorticity fluctuations, RA Antonia & S Rajagopalan
Development of an enlarged working section for boundary layer wind tunnel tests with reduced blockage effects, JCK Cheung

Optical Experimental Techniques II
The use of image processing in turbulent mixing and combustion experiments, TC Chew & RE Britter
Holographic measurement of velocity gradients in fluid flows sensitized with photochromic dyes, JC Agui & L Hesselink
Turbulence measurements in liquid flows using a dedicated LDV system, Rajan Menon

Transonic viscous flow computations about a complete aircraft using the Navier-Stokes equations, Neal M Chaderjian & Jolen Flores
A combined penalty function – finite volume method, J Simoneau & A Pollard
Application of a pseudospectral (collocation) method to unsteady flow problems, WK Chiu, J Soira & MP Norton

Recirculating Flows
Thin uncambered aerofoils with a leading-edge separation bubble, BG Newman & M-C Tse
Theoretical analysis of the detaching turbulent three-dimensional flow in the stern region of a hull, Th Knaak, J Kux & K Weighardt

Coherent Structures I
Evolution of coherent structures in the reattachment region of a separated flow, S Jovic & LWB Browne
Organised motion in a fully developed turbulent duct flow, M Teitel & RA Antonia

Keynote Paper
New approaches to problems in fluid mechanical mixing, A Leonard

Vortex Motion
Unsteady vortex breakdown in an enclosed cylinder flow, JM Lopez
Interactive dynamics of strained vortices, DI Pullin & James D Buntine
Open separation and vortex formation – Numerical simulation and analysis of a delta wing flow, A Hilgenstock, H Vollmers & U Dallmann

Environmental Fluid Mechanics I
Morison force coefficients for compliant cylinders in waves, N Haritos
Full scale and model forest wind spectra at tree-top height for different tree species, AJG Papesch & KF Miller
Crystallisation from a binary melt: A measurement of solid fraction in the mush layer,
TGL Shirtcliffe

Turbulent Boundary Layers III
Near wake studies of an airfoil with micro-grooves, Anwar Ahmed, Jose M Caram & C Ostowari
Observations on turbulent boundary layer and the near wake of an afterbody, V Krishnan & KS Yajnik
Turbulent pipe flow manipulation: Some experimental and computational results for tandem manipulator rings, A Pollard, AM Savill & H Thomann

Wind Engineering
Wind tunnel model study of Antarctic snowdrifting, DH Kim, KSC Kwok & HF Rohde
Measurements of the turbulent wind environment experienced by a moving vehicle, S Watkins, PH Hoffmann, JW Saunders & JD Holmes 

A vortex method for simulation of the three dimensional flow field in a spark ignition engine, S Kumar & HC Watson
Direct numerical simulations of the impulsive flow past a wedge-like corner, C Mavriplis, P Fischer & GE Karniadakis
Turbulent flow computation for complex three-dimensional ducts, Z Zhu & CAJ Fletcher

Coherent Structures II
A note on the cause of rebound in vortex ring/wall interactions, TT Lim, TB Nickels & MS Chong
Growth and decay of ordered motions in the transition region of a two-dimensional wake, Hiroshi Sato
Experimental study of three-dimensional aspects of organized motion in turbulent flows, DK Bisset & RA Antonia

A three-dimensional aerodynamic model for horizontal-axis wind turbine, DH Wood
The aerodynamics of shuttlecocks, Alison J Cooke
Visualisation of vortex flow around canard configurations with highly-swept leading edges, DH Thompson

Acoustics IV
Experimental study of the acoustic-coherent structure coupling on a simplified geometry installation, S Pauzin, D Biron & P Hebrard
Engine supercharging by active adjustment of manifold resonances, JE Ffowcs Williams & K Roussopoulos
The excitation of acoustic resonances by flow around two circular cylinders in tandem in a duct, MC Welsh, K Hourigan, MC Thompson, AN Stokes & J Soria

Keynote Paper
Building bridges between dynamical chaos and open-flow turbulence, R Narasimha

Turbulence III
The generalized Lagrangian mean equation and a mechanics for streamwise vortices in a turbulent shear flow, WRC Phillips
An evaluation of the effect of a fluctuating convection velocity on the validity of Taylor’s hypothesis, William K George, Hussein H Hussein & Scott H
Lagrangian statistical simulation of the turbulent motion of heavy particles,
BL Sawford & FM Guest

Compressible Flows III
An experimental study of transonic flows past a sphere, SSW Lam & N Pollock
Transition of compressible high enthalpy boundary layer flow over a flat plate, Y He & RG Morgan
Base flow behind a castellated blunt trailing edge aerofoil in supersonic flow, Eric C Magi & Sudhir L Gai

3-D Flows
Generation of swirl in an open-circuit wind tunnel, PV Lanspeary & MK Bull
A precessing asymmetric flow field in an abruptly expanding axi-symmetric duct, RE Luxton & GJ Nathan
A possible recirculation limit for expanding swirling flows, PD Clausen & DH Wood

Transition and Instability
The generation of boundary layer waves in a laminar boundary layer by leading edge tip vibrations, J Soria, WK Chiu & MP Norton
Similarity representation of transitional boundary layers under positive pressure gradients, JP Gostelow & GJ Walker

Keynote Paper
Topology of three-dimensional, variable density flows, Brian Cantwell, Gregory Lewis & Jacqueline Chen

Turbulent Modelling
Some open questions in turbulence modeling from viewpoint of asymptotic theory, K Gersten
A numerical study of turbulent in a channel with a wavy wall, Juliet T Chon & VC Patel
On the role of mean-flow three-dimensionality in turbulence modeling, G Romberg

Rotating Flows
Resonant collapse in a precessing tank, Richard Manasseh
Effects of coriolis force on developing turbulent channel flow, hide S Koyama, E Tamura & R Saito
Physical mechanisms of axisymmetric vortex breakdown, JM Lopez & GL Brown

Hypervelocity II
Real gas effects in hypervelocity flows over an inclined cone, RM Krek, K Hannemanm & DI Pullin
Theoretical and experimental test times available in an expansion tube, A Paull & RJ Stalker
Calculations of three-dimensional hypervelocity cone-flow with chemical reactions, MN MacRossan, DI Pullin & NJ Richter

Keynote Paper
Mechanics of anisotropic fluids, Morton M Denn 

Keynote Paper
Dissociating flows in hypervelocity aerodynamics, RJ Stalker

Geophysical Flows II
Impulsive disturbance in a rotating stratified fluid, Robb McDonald
A condition for gyre formation by the surface outflow from a strait, Myriam Bormans
The small-scale structure of acceleration correlations and its role in the statistical theory of turbulent dispersion, MS Borgas

Bluff Bodies II
Interference between two two-dimensional circular cylinders in turbulent flow, H Zhang & WH Melbourne
Flow past normal flat plates, DB Ingham & BR Morton

Turbulence IV
The mechanism behind pipe turbulence, U Brosa, GEA Meier & EO Schulz-DuBois
A calculation method for turbulent boundary layers on rough surfaces, Per Age Krogstad
Oscillating grid turbulence, Xu Shu Zhang & BR Morton

Jet/Wakes II
Near wake characteristics of circular cylinders arranged in a non-connecting cruciform geometry, TA Fox
Investigation into the wakes of blunt trailing edge aerofoils at low Reynolds numbers, M Petrusma & Sl Gai
The development of three dimensionality in the near and in the far wake due to changes of the boundary conditions, Detlev Gerich 

Reacting Flows/Combustion
Soot formation rates in two laminar ethylene diffusion flames, DR Honnery, S Djingga & JH Kent
On the structure of turbulent nonpremixed flames near extinction, AR Masri, RW Bilger & RW Dibble 

Environmental Fluid Mechanics II
Hydraulic jumps on steep slopes and at small Froude numbers, CJ Apelt
The stability of a terminating waterspout, GL Roff & BR Morton
A laboratory model of convection in the atmospheric boundary layer, MF Hibberd & BL Sawford

MHD/Geophysical Flows
Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) enhancement of two-phase heat transfer, Paul Cooper
Hydrodynamic experiments for mercury flowing in electrically conducting and non-conducting pipes and bends in a magnetic field, DRH Beattie
Convection and disequilibrium during the solidification of a binary melt, Ross C Kerr, AW Woods, MG Worster & HE Huppert

Industrial Fluid Mechanics
Standing wave formation in Peirce-Smith converters, JL Liow & NB Gray
Flow analysis of a centrifugal impeller in bubbly water using field singularity method, H Nishiyama, A Haseyama, Y Takahashi & S Kamiyama
Flow modeling the ISF continuous tapper, M Dell’amico, NA Molloy, D Varcoe & J Marzouk

Keynote Paper
Developments in detonation theory, JF Clarke

Unsteady interactive boundary layer flow, R Vasantha & N Riley
Comparison of heat exchanger erosion caused by viscous and inviscid flow, AN Kitchen & CAJ Fletcher
Flow measurement and numerical prediction in an isothermal model furnace, Harley MacKenzie, Robert Mierisch & John Perry

Wind Engineering
The variation of peak-gust speeds over an isolate hill, AJ Bowen, Zheng Hong & DE Stock
Wind environment measurements and acceptance criteria developed at the University of Auckland, RGJ Flay
Measurements of coefficients of lift and spanwise correlation for a circular cylinder oscillating in a turbulent flow, HM Blackburn & WH Melbourne

Scram Jets/Experimental Techniques
Hypervelocity flow in axisymmetric nozzles, PA Jacobs & RJ Stalker
Numerical investigation of hypersonic exhaust plume/afterbody flow fields, TA Edwards
The effects of feedback amplifier characteristics on constant temperature hot-wire anemometer systems, JH Watmuff

Stratified Flows III
Laboratory measurements of temperature microstructure in salt fingers, J Taylor
Convective circulation in reservoir sidearms of small aspect ratio, Duncan E Farrow
An analytic solution to the sediment diffusion equation, JS Montes