Proceedings of the First Australasian Hydraulics and Fluid Conference

Table of Contents

On the art of advancing the science of hydraulics (Inaugral Address), H Rouse
Hydraulic and dirt lock in piston type control valves, J Mannam
On attenuation of gas pulsations from reciprocating compressors, E Kaletzky
Steady flow in sinusoidally varying channels, FM Henderson
Pressure drop in the pneumatic conveyance of granular solids through a pipe, T Uematsu
The motion of a two-dimensional buoyant vortex, IR Wood
The hydrodynamics of a plane gas jet impinging on a moving liquid, RB Banks
A simplified approach to the hydrodynamics of butterfly valves, RI Tanner
Equilibrium of flow in axial flow fans designed for constant lift-drag ratio, PS Barna
Some hydraulic aspects of unconventional rockfill dams, JD Lawson, DH Trollope & AK Parkin
Hydralic mechanism of run-off, Y Ishihara
The flow of air through wire screens, G de Vahl Davis
Flow-induced vibrations of cylindrical structures, BJ Vickery & RD Watkins
Counter-current two-phase flow in packed liquid-liquid extraction towers, P Chandrasekaran & GS Laddha
A few studies on cavitation in centifugal type pumps, NS Govinda Rao, K Seetharamiah, Ramprasad & R Narayanan
Spatially varied flow at the toe of a rock-fill slope, BB Sharp & JP James
An exact theory of simple finite shallow water oscillations on a rotataing Earth, FK Ball
The influence of entropy in one-dimensional nozzle flows, RAA Bryant
An analogue computer for the solution of drainage problems, HA Scholer
Marine propeller vibration research at the University of Adelaide, DH Norrie
Pressure surges in the fire services of tall buildings, JD Lawson, IC O'Neill & HR Graze
On the problem of sediment transport, AJ Raudkivi
On the horizontal diffusion over the sea surface, E Inoue
Hydraulic analogy studies of shock attachment to wedges, G Saiva
Transducers for dynamic fluid pressures, RK Vinycomb
A water tunnel to investigate the behaviour of oil drop suspensions in moving water, RJ Foyle & MT Thew
Waterhammer analysis with nonlinear frictional resistance, VL Streeter
Sediment transport in alluvial channels, JD Lawson
Sink vortices and whirlwinds, EJ Webb
Analysis of shallow water wave patterns produced by a travelling model with straight and circular courses, D Manabe