Online Survey Participants Are Wanted!

We are looking for voluntary participants in a research project on the use of online health forums. The aim of this study is to investigate how online health forum users from different medical conditions perceived information and people encountered in online health forums, and how the perceptions affect the use of online health forums. The study is conducted by Ms. Hanmei Fan (PhD student), Dr Reeva Lederman, Dr. Stephen Smith and Dr. Shanton Chang of the Department of Computer and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne.

If you

You are invited to participate in an online survey of about 30 minutes! You will be asked about your last experience in an online health forum and minimum identifiable information will be collected. To show our gratitude, we will raffle off 4 $50 gift cards and you will have a chance to win a gift card of your choice.

The findings of this study can guide the management of online health forums to strategically cater to specific needs of different medical conditioin groups and render a more patient-focused interface design. Thus, the design guideline can help the management of online health forums provide more targeting service with low cost rather than try to do it all.

If you are interested, please visit one of the following link to start:

  • if you learn about the study from a university portal or staff newsletter, please visit
  • if you learn about the study from an online health forum, please visit
  • Please read the plain language statement and indicate your consent before proceeding to the survey. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    This research study has been approved by the University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (Ethics ID: 1238574).

    If you have any questions/concerns or require any further information concerning this study, please do not hesitate to contact Hanmei Fan on T: (03) 83441554, M: 0431456708 or email:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this advertisement!

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