Nonogram Resources

This page contains bits and pieces I've put together for nonogram/paint-by-number puzzles. I don't have the solver up as of yet, but there are some test cases and scripts that might be handy. The test cases are a selection of concentric and interlinking rings of various sizes and difficulty, some of which were used in the 2009 MiniZinc challenge. Also of interest may be Jan Wolter's survey of solvers.

The instances in non_insts.tar.gz are of the form

        #rows #cols
        row constraint 0
        col constraint 0
in order to make them fairly easy to parse and manipulate.

File Description
non.mzn MiniZinc model Converting test cases for use with the MiniZinc model.
non_insts.tar.gz Some nonogram instances as 0-terminated row/column constraints.
non_mzn.tar.gz The same instances in mzn/dzn format.


Graeme Gange