Current Members

Research Fellow and Field Engineer

  • Dr. Chun-Hsu Su
  • PhD in Physics at the University of Melbourne
  • Satellite Precipitation, Microwave Soil Moisture, Data Assimilation

  • Rodger Young
  • Bacheolor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Field Engineer, Environmentl Sensing

PhD Students

  • Pardha Teluguntla
  • Master of Technology in Spatial Information Technology
  • Remote sensing of evapotranspiration and crop water productivity in the Krishna River Basin, India
  • Co-supervisors: Biju George, Jeff Walker (Monash)

  • Yuan Li
  • Master of Science (Cartography and GIS), Beijing Normal University, China
  • Streamflow data assimilation for short-term flood forecasting
  • Co-supervisors: Andrew Western, QJ Wang (CSIRO)

  • Camila Alvarez-Garreton
  • Master of Engineering Science in Water Resources, Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Dual data assimilation for flood forecasting
  • Co-supervisors: Andrew Western, Wade Crow (USDA), David Robertson (CSIRO)

  • Venkata Radha Akuraju
  • Master of Science (Remote Sensing, Mathematics)
  • Remote sensing of root-zone soil moisture using optical and thermal observations
  • Co-supervisors: Biju George, Yongryel Ryu (Seoul National University)

  • Aiswarya Kunnath Poovakka
  • Master of Technology in Geoinformatics and Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  • Large-scale calibration of land surface modelling using satellite observations
  • Co-supervisors: Biju George, Luigi Renzullo (CSIRO)

  • Minoo Hashemian Rahaghi
  • MSc in Photogrammetry, K. N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU), Tehran, Iran
  • Estimation of root-zone soil moisture by assimilating remotely sensed surface observations into SVAT scheme.
  • Co-supervisors: Joseph Leach, Wade Crow (USDA)

  • Abbas Mohammadi
  • Master of Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  • Characterizing Flow Regime in Anastomosing Rivers of Arid Regions
  • Co-supervisors: Justin Costelloe
  • Danuta Kucharska
  • Master of Business Administration,
  • Remote sensing of dryland rivers - a Cooper Creek case study
  • Co-supervisors: Mike Stewardson (Primary Supervisor), Justin Costelloe, Neil Sims (CSIRO)
  • Kate (Suyoung) Park
  • Master of Engineering in Geographic Information Engineering, Inha University, Korea
  • UAV-borne Sensing of Vegetation Water Stress and Soil Wetness
  • Co-supervisors: Hoam Chung (Monash)

PhD Students - External

  • Sandy Peischl (Monash University)
  • Master of Engineering in [ ]
  • Multi-angle microwave retrieval of soil moisture
  • Co-supervisors: Jeff Walker (Primary Supervisor), Yann Kerr (CESBIO)
  • Ye Nan (Monash University)
  • Master of Science in [ ]
  • Water and urban effects on microwave soil moisture retrieval
  • Co-supervisors: Jeff Walker (Primary Supervisor)
  • Ying Gao (Monash University)
  • Master of Engineering in [ ]
  • Active-passive microwave retrieval of soil moisture
  • Co-supervisors: Jeff Walker(Primary Supervisor)

Masters Students

  • Andrew Nolan
  • Master in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, Spain
  • UAV-borne detection of crop diseases
  • Co-supervisors: Hoam Chung (Monash) Andrew Western

Other Research & Technical Staff

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Ashley (Jing) Zhang

Visotors and Exchange Students

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Guanghui Zheng

Caixia Jiao

Former Members

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Robert Pipunic

Kaighin McColl

Jonathan Ho