Current Research Projects

  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics
    This project focuses on the study of robotics technology in the investigating human motor systems and the clinical rehabilitation of people with motion impairment, such as in post-stroke patients. The project description can be found here.
  • Robotic Neuroprosthesis
    The project investigates robotic strategy to realise highly dexterous and effective object grasping and manipulation using a hand prosthesis, commanded through signals captured at the peripheral neural systems. This project is carried out in close collaboration with Professor Peter Choong (MDHS, University of Melbourne) and St Vincent's Hospital. The project description can be found here.
  • Surgical Robotics
    The project aims to explore innovative concepts for the next generation of minimally invasive surgery, to improve the dexterity of the surgical platform while maintaining minimum level of surgical trauma. The project is carried out in collaboration with Prof Pietro Valdastri of Vanderbilt University. The project description can be found here.
  • Fork Safely: Improving the Operational Safety of Ordinary Forklift Vehicles
    The project aims to improve the operational safety of ordinary forklifts, focusing on the two largest causes of accidents in the operations of forklifts: forklift tipping and collisions (with objects or pedestrians). The project is carried out with an innovative Australian company: Speedshield. The project is supported by ARC LP130100113. The project description can be found here.
  • Cable Robotics
    The project investigates cables as the method of actuation or actuation trasmission on robotic manipulator systems. The technical uniqueness is the fact that it can only pull and not push, introducing interesting mechanical properties and constraints. The resulting system has the potential to be portable, reconfigurable (quickly deployable), light and can be installed in a very large scale with relatively minimal effort. The project description can be found here.