Hi. I am a roboticist, a mechanical and mechatronics engineer and an academic at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Melbourne.

I co-direct the Human Robotics Laboratory with Prof Ying Tan, with research interests in the area of kinematics and dynamics of robotic mechanisms (modelling, analysis and manipulation). In recent years, I have focused my study in the areas where robots are utilised to work with human users. More specifically, the robots are designed to treat the human dynamics as part of their task to manipulate. For instance, we would like the robots to assist the human users in carrying out their manufacturing tasks, or to improve their performance in physical exercises (e.g. maintaining balance, replacing bodily functions that have been lost). More interesting, we also seek to exploit the motor learning nature of the human body and neural system, resulting in acquisition of skills or natural / optimised / individually unique movement behaviour. Naturally, this type of work find applications in clinical applications, such as in neurological rehabilitation, as well as technology assisted human labour problems. To meet the rest of the team, click on the link to the Human Robotics Laboratory.

I am also currently deputy head (Academic) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Some Recent Highlights

CORC CANOpen Robot Controller : a Collaborative Open Platform for Rehabilitation Robotics, co-developed with Prof Jose Pons' team at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. This software stack is developed in the lab for use with our various robots and is open for others to use.
ALEX Advanced Lower Extremity eXoskeleton Project: A University of Melbourne project in collaboration with Fourier Intelligence, led by Dept of Mechanical Engineering and Dept of Physiotherapy, consisting of 4 groups (15 students) of Final Year project students (we call them Capstone students). The aim of the project is to advance lower limb exoskeleton for people living with spinal cord injury. The image below shows our pilot, Mr Brad Axford, traversing the obstacle course wearing the robot, with the students and Prof Gavin Williams of Dept of Physio, at our Heidelberg facility. The team aims to participate at Cybathlon powered exoskeleton event. Unfortunately, we had to miss the 2020 Cybathlon due to the COVID19 lockdown in the city of Melbourne.
ALEX Banner
Assistive Technology in Sheep Shearing The team currently works with the Australian Wool Innovation on the intelligent use of information, wearable sensing and assistive technology to improve sheep shearing productivity and minimise injuries in the shearers on this labour intensive industry. Find our news article on the AWI website here.
Advanced Limb Reconstruction project , with Prof Peter Choong (Dept of Surgery and St Vincent's Hospital), through the generous support of the Valma Angliss Trust, resulted in light weight practical hand prosthesis. XLimb