Singular perturbations, averaging and other time scaled methods


Singular perturbations, averaging and methods for analysis of slowly varying systems can all be referred to as "time-scaled methods" for analysis of dynamical systems that have a two time scale property, where some variables evolve much faster or slower than the rest of the system. Classical results on these methods are presented for systems without disturbances and we have extended them for a range of stability proeprties of systems without disturbances. We obtained a unified approach for analysis of input-to-state stability and other stability properties of two time scale systems with inputs whose special cases are classical results on singular perturbations, averaging and slowly varying systems without inputs. We have applied these results to pulse width modulated control of systems with disturbances.


  • Prof. A.R. Teel
  • Dr. D. Angeli
  • Dr. P.M. Dower
  • Dr. L. Moreau
  • Selected publications

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