Research Grants

$914,000 2004-2009 D. Nesic "New research directions in the area of nonlinear sampled-data systems" Australian Professorial Fellowship and ARC Discovery Grant
Euro 13,500 2003-2004 D. Nesic "Discretization and redesign of continuous-time nonlinear controllers for digital implementation" Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship
$30,000 2003 D. Nesic (with 30 other researchers) "Research Network on Control, Dynamics and Systems" ARC Special Research Initiative - seed funding
$243,000 2003-2005 D.Nesic, I.M.Y.Mareels & P.M.Dower "Nonlinear systems with disturbances: analysis, controller design and tradeoffs" Discovery ARC Grant
$50,000 2002 D.Nesic & P.M.Dower "Tools for analysis and controller design for nonlinear systems with disturbances" Discovery ARC Grant
$183,000 2001-2003 D.Nesic "Nonlinear sampled-data control systems and numerical methods" Large ARC Grant
$20,000 2000 D.Nesic "Analysis of properties of time-varying systems with disturbances via averaging" Small ARC Grant
$160,000 1998-2000 I.M.Y.Mareels & D.Nesic "Control of nonlinear systems described by polynomial equations" Large ARC Grant
BF 60,000 1997 D.Nesic Postdoctoral Fellowship Program "Interuniversity Poles of Attraction" funded by the Belgian Government
$2,000 1997 D.Nesic Travel Grant Linkoping University, Sweden
$3,000 1995 D.Nesic Travel Grant Catholic University, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium