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Christina @ St Tropez

Welcome to my personal website. I am an Associate Professor and an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow at the ARC Special Research Centre for Ultra-Broadband Information Networks (CUBIN) at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EE), University of Melbourne. I was also an ARC Australian Research Fellow (2004-2008).

I won't bore you with my personal life but will say that I love origami and am always hunting those rare publications particularly those from Japan. I have had a blessed life, and even though my first job was selling candy and snacks in Singapore for 11 to 12 hours a day, there was still a lesson to be learnt. Life is precious so don't waste any moment of it.

Recent Research Grants/Awards
  • 2009-2013 ARC Future Fellowship - Unified digital networking for wireless and optical access
  • 2009 Melbourne University Research Collaboration Grant
  • 2008-2013 ARC Discovery Project - Delivering Next-Generation Broadband Internet Access to Australia: Integration of Broadband Optical and Wireless Networks

Research Focus and Activities
  • Fibre-Wireless Networks and Microwave Photonics Subsystem Technologies
  • Optical Communication Systems with Optical Packet Switching
  • Photonics Systems and Applications of High-Speed Lasers 
  • Low-Cost Optical Access Networks
  • Integration of Wired and Wireless Optical Networks
  • Optimisation of Optical Networks

  • 2009 OFC/NFOEC Tutorial Presentation - "Fibre-Wireless Networks and Microwave Photonics Subsystem Technologies"
  • Steering Committee, International Microwave Photonics (MWP) and Asian Pacific Microwave Photonics (APMP)
  • Technical Program Committee, MWP 2009, APMP 2009, IEEE Photonics Society Conference (formerly  Lasers and Electro-optics Society (LEOS) ) 2008-2010, OECC 2010
  • Co-Chair, Technical Program Committee, for MWP 2008, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Co-Chair, subcategory 2. Transmission Systems and Switching Technologies, of the Optoelectronics Communications Conference 2008 (OECC2008)

Research Publications/Outcomes to date (as of May 2007)
  • 36 papers published in refereed international journals
  • 2 book chapters
  • 79 papers published in refereed international conferences
  • 7 papers published in refereed domestic conferences
  • 4 invited papers at international conferences
  • 1 provisional Australian patent

Postgraduate Students
T. Kurniawan MEngSc "Optimisation of Fibre-Radio Systems and Novel Architecture" Graduated 2005
M. Bakaul PhD "Technologies for DWDM Millimetre-Wave Fibre-Radio" Graduated 2006
B. Sankar PhD "Novel All-Optical Signal Processing Schemes and their Applications in Packet Switching in Core Networks" Graduated 2007
P. Gamage PhD "Broadband Fibre-Radio Networks" Passed 2009
Y. Zhu MEngSc
"Hybrid Fibre-Wireless Integration" In Progress
Yi Zhuo PhD TBD In Progress

Exchange Scholars/Students

Dr. Alayn Loayssa
Public University of Navarre, Spain
2001-02 (6 months)
Tae-Sik Cho
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
2003 (3 months)
BokRae Jung
Information and Communications University, Korea
2007-08 (6 months)

Subjects Taught
431-466 Photonic Devices and Systems
431-466 RF, Microwave and Optoelectronic Systems
2008 (January)
ECE 282: Special Topics - Microwave Photonics
Guest Lecturer
The University of California, San Diego


Last Updated: 14 September 2009


Disclaimer: As this is the author's personal website, whatever material presented here in whatever form or manner with whatever intent or purpose, will not in any way represent the views, opinions or policies of my employer, The University of Melbourne, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, or the Photonics Research Laboratory. Nevertheless, to the best of the author's ability and knowledge, the material will not be deliberately offensive, destructive, uncivilised, causing harm, and against my employer's guidelines and policies.