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2018 Master coursework projects in information systems and computer science

Welcome to the Masters projects page for the Department of Computing and Information Systems. The coordinators are Dr Reeva Lederman and Professor James Bailey.

This page contains relevant information for students undertaking projects in Information Systems and Computer Science and software development projects within the following degrees: Master of Science(Computer Science), Graduate Diploma of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology, Master of Information Systems, and Master of Science (Information Systems).

What to do first

Congratulations on undertaking a project in the Department of Computing and Information Systems. You are embarking on an exciting journey with world-class researchers.

Whichever course you are enrolled in, make sure you have put in the groundwork to choose a project and a supervisor that suits your research interests and the needs of the degree in which you are enrolled. Careful planning will ensure that you are doing a project that engages you and makes the task satisfying and rewarding.

If you wish to undertake a research project, begin by downloading a copy of

Additional information regarding assessment and expectations for software development projects can be found in the following document: At commencement of your project, you need to discuss and agree with your supervisor whether your project is a (conventional) research project, or a software development project. Software development projects are only available to students in the MIT. Research projects and software development projects use the same subject code.

Finding a project and supervisor

In choosing a project, consider the following resources:

  1. Sample projects (you will need your university log in details): This list is a guide of masters-level projects available as offered by various staff members. It is just an indicative list and is no by means a complete list of all projects that might be possible.
  2. Research groups in CIS: you will find descriptions of the research groups and sample projects from those groups. If you are interested in a particular project you can contact the academic indicated. If you are interested in the general research group, email the contact person for the group.
  3. Staff research interests: A spreadsheet listing the interests of staff together with a link to their personal web pages (all in one place).
  4. Staff research pages: Staff web-pages contain publications and other research indicators that go beyond a list of interests (click on the "Academic Staff" tab). Use these pages to seek further depth about staff research.

You need to approach academic staff in the School who may be willing to supervise your project. Generally, this will be someone with a research interest or some background in a topic area that you are interested in. Some academics may suggest research topics (see sample research projects) or software development project topics, while others would prefer for students to design their own topics.

Remember that the supervisor needs to choose you as well as you choosing the supervisor. When you speak to a supervisor about working with him/her, be prepared to discuss the possible project in depth by doing some previous reading. We strongly recommend that you approach several supervisors prior to making a final choice; it is usual to be discussing alternative projects with several supervisors at the same time.

Other useful resources


Please contact Reeva Lederman or James Bailey if you have questions regarding project subjects.

Reeva Lederman (for research project subjects beginning with ISYS)
O 10.14 Doug McDonell
V +61 3 8344 1535

James Bailey (for research project and software development project subjects beginning with COMP)
O 7.09 Doug McDonell
V +61 3 8344 1319

Program co-ordinators

  1. Master of Information Systems - Dr Sean Maynard + phone: 8344 1573
  2. Master of Information Technology
    (except the eHealth specialisation)
    - Assoc Prof Egemen Tanin + phone: 8344 1350
  3. Master of Information Technology
    (eHealth specialisation)
    - Dr Kathleen Gray 8344 8936
  4. Master of Science (Computer Science) & Graduate Diploma of Computer Science - Dr Aaron Harwood + phone: 8344 1351
  5. Master of Science (Information Systems) - Dr Reeva Lederman + phone: 8344 1535