Australian Parliament Question Time Corpus

Here you will find the Question Time records of the Australian Federal Parliament House of Representatives from 1998 to July 2014 in a format that is convenient for Information Retrieval processing. Use the links on your left to download the file you think will be most convenient.

Usage of the corpus should be cited as: A. Turpin, "An Attempt to Measure the Quality of Questions in Question Time of the Australian Federal Parliament". Proc. 17th Aust. Document Computing Symposium 2012. Pages XXX-XXX.

A copy of this paper is available from the menu on the left.

The available files are as follows.
All (XML) Simple concatenation of the entire Hansard as it appears on the Federal Parliament Hansard www site into two zip/tar files.
Filtered (HTML) Data from "Questions Without Notice" and "Questions in Writing", one HTML file per day of sitting. Within each HTML file, the questions and answers are in a table of alternating rows. Only the first question of each Question Without Notice per subdebate is included: there are no Supplementary or follow up questions.
TREC format As for Filtered, but one file of answer documents, and one file of question topics per year for each of Without Notice and In Writing in TREC format.