OPI - Open Perimetry Initiative

Visual field research made easy

The Open Perimetry Initiative is a project driven by a group of academics and industry representatives with the aim of reducing barriers to using commercially available visual field machines for research.

Several R packages are available to assist researchers:

the Open Perimetry Interface (also called the OPI), for controlling visual field machines;

Cite as: A. Turpin, P.H. Artes and A.M. McKendrick "The Open Perimetry Interface: An enabling tool for clinical visual psychophysics", Journal of Vision 12(11) 2012.

the R package visualFields, which has tools for analysing and manipulating visual field data; and

Cite as: I. MarĂ­n-Franch and W.H. Swanson "The visualFields package: A tool for analysis and visualization of visual fields" Journal of Vision 13(10) 2013.

the R package binovisualfields which includes a Shiny app for interpolating binocular visual field at different depths from a single visual field for the left and right eye.

Cite as: P. Liu, A. McKendrick, A. Ma-Wyatt, A. Turpin. "A depth-dependent integrated visual field simulation for analysis and visualization of glaucomatous visual field defects". Translational Vision Science & Technology 9(8) 2020.