binovisualfields is a Shiny app (R package) that contains functions for simulating and visualising depth-dependent integrated visual fields (DD-IVF). Visual fields are measured monocularly at a single depth, yet real-life activities involve predominantly binocular vision at multiple depths. The package provides functions to simulate and visualise binocular visual field impairment in a depth-dependent fashion from monocular visual field results. At each location and depth plane, sensitivities are linearly interpolated from corresponding locations in monocular visual field and returned as the higher value of the two. Its utility is demonstrated by evaluating DD-IVF defects associated with 12 glaucomatous archetypes of 24-2 visual field pattern in the included shiny app.

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Ping Liu, Allison McKendrick, Anna Ma-Wyatt, Andrew Turpin. "A depth-dependent integrated visual field simulation for analysis and visualization of glaucomatous visual field defects". Translational Vision Science & Technology February 2020, Vol.9, 8. doi: