Prof. Andrew Turpin BCom BSci(Hons) PhD

Senior Academic Convenor
Petascale Campus Initiative
University of Melbourne Australia.
Seconded into Chancellery Research and Enterprise for 2019, 2020 and 2021 from the School of Computing and Information Systems
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Here is a brief bio and my publications

And if you are a bean counter: my Google Scholar Profile.

Research interests

Question Time Corpus PsyPad Open Perimetry Interface OPI Structure-function map Depth dependant integrated visual field tool

Example graphs in R.

MEL Weather PubMed Unimelb library

Australian Document Computing Symposium 2007. Australian Document Computing Symposium 2008. ADCS2008. ADCS2010. Australian Document Computing Symposium 2010 SPIRE 2008 20th International Visual Field and Imaging Symposium, 2012. IPS 2012. IPS Melbourne 2012.

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