Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Platform

The Advanced Fluorescence Imaging (AFI) Platform provides access to world-class optical microscopy and flow cytometry to investigate the structure of nanoengineered materials, sub-cellular organelles and tissues sections. The platform is open to researchers in the fields of; nanomedicine, immunology, materials engineering, cell biology and cancer research. The facility is housed in the Nanostructured Interfaces and Materials (NIMs) group in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Melbourne.


To access the instrumentation either as a collaboration or fee for service, please contact the platform leader Dr Angus Johnston. We welcome new users and collaborators, and can provide guidance for experimental design and reagent selection. We also stock a range of fluorescent antibodies, organelle stains and sensors to help users optimise their staining protocols. Existing users can make instrument bookings here.

Super-Resolution Microscopy

3D Structured Illumination (SIM)

• xy resolution 100 nm, z resolution 220nm

• live cell imaging (20 fps)

• flexible fluorophores

Conventional Image

Structured Illumination Image


• xy resolution 20 nm, z resolution 50nm

• up to 3 colours

Conventional Image


Imaging Flow Cytometry

Amnis Image Stream

• 100 cells per second

• 500 nm resolution

• 5 colours

• identify colocalisation, internalisation, nuclear fragmentation & cell morphology

Surface Bound


3D Live Cell Imaging

• xy resolution 240 nm, z resolution ~500nm

• multi-point imaging

• flexible fluorophores

• live cell imaging for > 24 hrs

4 Colour Imaging

Live Cell Imaging

The Advanced Fluorescence Imaging (AFI) Platform is suported by the Australian Research Council through the LEIF scheme, the Melbourne Materials Institute and the School of Engineering.