SIGIR'98 Posters and Demonstrations
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21st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on
Research and Development in Information Retrieval

Melbourne, Australia

August 24 - 28, 1998


Posters, Tuesday 25 August, 3:30pm-6:30pm

Modern Classical Document Indexing: A Linguistic Contribution to Knowledge-Based IR
Bas van Bakel (University of Twente)

The Use of MMR, Diversity-Based Reranking for Reordering Documents and Producing Summaries
Jaime Carbonell, Jade Goldstein (Carnegie Mellon University)

A Method for Scoring Correlated Features in Query Expansion
Martin Franz, Salim Roukos (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Using Maps as a User Interface to a Digital Library
Mountaz Hascoët (Université Paris-sud), Xavier Soinard (Electricité de France)

Comparison Between Proximity Operation and Dependency Operation in Japanese Full-Text Retrieval
Yasuaki Hyoudo, Kazuhiko Niimi, Takashi Ikeda (Gifu University)

Term-Ordered Query Evaluation versus Document-Ordered Query Evaluation for Large Document Collections
Marcin Kaszkiel, Justin Zobel (RMIT)

Lessons From BMIR-J2: A Test Collection for Japanese IR Systems
Tsuyoshi Kitani (NTT Data), Yasushi Ogawa (Ricoh), Tetsuya Ishikawa (ULIS), Haruo Kimoto (NTT), Ikuo Keshi (Sharp), Jun Toyoura (Mitsubishi Electric), Toshikazu Fukushima (NEC), Kunio Matsui (Fujitsu Laboratories), Yoshihiro Ueda (Fuji Xerox), Tetsuya Sakai (Toshiba), Takenobu Tokunaga (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Hiroshi Tsuruoka (University of Tokyo), Hidekazu Nakawatase (NTT), Teru Agata (Keio University)

Automatically Locating, Extracting and Analyzing Tabular Data
William Kornfeld, John Wattecamps

Using Global Colour Features for General Photographic Image Indexing and Retrieval
Ting-Sheng Lai, John Tait (University of Sunderland)

Automatic Acquisition of Phrasal Knowledge for English-Chinese Bilingual Information Retrieval
Ming-Jer Lee, Lee-Feng Chien (Academia Sinica)

Visual Interactions with a Multidimensional Ranked List
Anton Leouski, James Allen (University of Massachusetts)

Predicting Query Times
Rodger McNab, Yong Wang, Ian H. Witten, Carl Gutwin (University of Waikato)

The WebCluster Project: Using Clustering for Mediating Access to the World Wide Web
Mourad Mechkour, David J. Harper, Gheorghe Muresan (Robert Gordon University)

Automatic Abstracting of Magazine Articles: The Creation of "Highlight" Abstracts
Marie-Francine Moens, Jos Dumortier (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Optimizing Recall/Precision Scores in IR over the WWW
Matthew Montebello (Cardiff University)

Interactive Multidimensional Document Visualization
Josiane Mothe, Taoufiq Dkaki (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse)

Speech Retrieval Experiments Using Phonemes With Error Corrections
Corinna Ng, Justin Zobel (RMIT)

Optimizing Query Evaluation in n-Gram Indexing
Yasushi Ogawa, Toru Matsuda (Ricoh)

Four text classification algorithms compared on a Dutch corpus
Hein Ragas (Cap Gemini Netherlands), Cornelis H.A. Koster (University of Nijmegen)

Automatic Acquisition of Terminological Relations from a Corpus for Query Expansion
Jean-David Sta (Electricité de France)

Keyword Extraction of Radio News using Term Weighting with an Encyclopedia and Newspaper Articles
Yoshimi Suzuki, Fumiyo Fukumoto, Yoshihiro Sekiguchi (Yamanashi University)

Efficient Search Server Assignment in a Disproportionate System Environment
Toru Takaki, Tsuyoshi Kitani (NTT Data)

Multilingual Keyword Extraction for Term Suggestion
Yuen-Hsien Tseng (Fu Jen Catholic University)

Experiments of Collecting WWW Information using Distributed WWW Robots
Hayato Yamana (Electrotechnical Labaoratory), Kent Tamura (IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory), Hiroyuki Kawano, Satoshi Kamei (Kyoto University), Masanori Harada (University of Tokyo), Hideki Nishimura (Sharp), Isao Asai (Osaka Prefecture University), Hiroyuki Kusumoto (Keio University), Yoichi Shinoda (JAIST), Yoichi Muraoka (Waseda University)

Demonstrations, Tuesday 25 August, 3:30pm-6:30pm

Presenting Web Site Search Results in Context: A Demonstration
Michael Chen, Marti Hearst (University of California, Berkeley)

Personal Browser
Yi-Shiou Chen, Schy Chiou, Yuan-Kai Wang, Wen-Lian Hsu (Academia Sinica)

Toward a Fast Precision-Oriented Image Retrieval System.
Yves Chiaramella, Philippe Mulhem, Mourad Mechkour, Iadh Ounis, Marius Pasca (Université de Grenoble)

Teraphim: An Engine for Distributed Information Retrieval
Owen de Kretser, Alistair Moffat (The University of Melbourne), Justin Zobel (RMIT)

Cheshire II: Combining Probabilistic and Boolean Retrieval
Ray R. Larson (University of California, Berkeley)

A Research Prototype Image Retrieval System
Surya Nepal, M.V. Ramakrishna, J.A. Thom (RMIT)

The Structured Information Manager (SIM)
Ron Sacks-Davis, Alan Kent (RMIT)

PWA: An Extended Probabilistic Web Algebra
Dan J. Smith, Rattasit Sukhahuta (University of East Anglia)

Cafe: An Indexed Approach to Searching Genomic Databases
Hugh Williams (RMIT)

A Fast Speculative Search Engine on the Highly Parallel Computer EM-X
Hayata Yamana, Hanpei Koike, Yuetsu Kodama, Hirofumi Sakane, Yoshinori Yamaguchi (Electrotechnical Laboratory)

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Alistair Moffat,
12 May 1998.