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Programming, Problem Solving, and Abstraction

with C

Alistair Moffat

ISBN 1 74103 080 3
Pearson Educational, Australia, 2003

Availability: The first edition is no longer available. For information about the 2013 revised edition, see the PPSAA web page.

Executive summary: budget-priced text covering programming in C, and an introduction to computer science - in other words, a bog standard first-semester first-year syllabus. The last four chapters include an introduction to algorithm design and analysis, covering dynamic data structures, hashing, sorting algorithms, and searching.

Length: x + 248 pages.

Price: Retail price $AUD60 ($USD45), or approximately $AUD55 with student discount.

Other resources: all of the C programs in the book are available to people wishing to use it as a text; and a complete set of lecture slides (PDF) are also available. Email the author for more information.

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