SIGIR 2007 — Amsterdam, July 2007



The "Entertainment" district just out the back of the conference hotel


... seems mainly to provide window shopping


... for tourists


Yes, some houses are crooked


... to the point of being bent


Sunday morning market, flowers, but no tulips


... just tulip bulbs


... and wooden flowers for tourists to take home


No, I didn't buy any


Canals everywhere you turn


And some very old houses. Where were you in 1696 when this one was being built?


Ok, so I have a soft spot for houses that lean on each other


... or get held up by each other


... or attempt to push each other over


Yes Justin, Amsterdam is a port


And has all the facilities of Hong Kong


More nursery-rhyme crookedness


No buildings in Australia — at all! — 401 years ago


Keith van Rijsbergen


Gord Cormack, Edie Rasmussen, Justin Zobel


... on the way to the Past Chairs dinner


Charlie Clarke, Keith, Mark Sanderson, Mun-Kew Leong


Tat-Seng Chua, Efthi Efthimiadis, Wessel Kraaij (Co-Chair)


Bruce Croft, Alistair Moffat


Past Chairs dinner, Indonesion delicacies


... that generate volcanic internal heat (Arjen de Vries, Co-Chair)


Wessel Kraaij also sweats it out


Gord solves the heat problem by holding (as always) two wine glasses


... and Ricardo Baeza-Yates needs three to stay cool


Out the hotel room window, early in the morning


The Melbourne (and RMIT) gang: Laurence Park, William Webber, Yohannes Tsegay, Milad Shokouhi, Vo Ngoc Anh


... and Alistair's turn to join in


William Webber and Vo Ngoc Anh; yet another canal scene


Ok, so no canal in shot, but there will be one not far away, for sure


Conference banquet: Laurence Park, Yuye Zhang, William Webber, Vo Ngoc Anh


Conference banquet


Dave Hawking still likes his SIGIR'98 bag


Efthi (Chair, SIGIR'06), and the "SIGIR Trophy", Jamie Thom in behind


Justin Zobel and Alistair, and the SIGIR trophy that didn't exist in 1998


The musical and performance theme was of tango


... and Efthi got in to the spirit (well, kind of reluctantly)


Arjen speaks


... and speaks


Liz Liddy, SIGIR President


Efthi hands over the trophy


Djoerd Hiemstra relates some SIGIR facts and figures


... in a tag-team act with Franciska de Jong


The conference hotel


... on Dam Square


... with its many attractions


.. and nearby bridges (how else do you cross canals?)


De Waag, the famous public weighing house, constructed from 1488, details


Look at the upper windows in the central house, where is the roof?


The Melbourne/RMIT people, minus Justin


... enjoy a post-conference beer (Anh Ngoc Vo and William Webber)


... that pours cleanly (William)


... and pours sweetly (Jamie Thom)


... and tastes really really good


Departure from Schipol on the way back to London and home


Pictures taken (mostly) by Alistair Moffat, ammoffat /, using a Canon S2iS.
Email if you would like a full-resolution version of any of these (5 MP).
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