Information Retrieval

Photos by Alistair Moffat of the 2001 SIGIR Information Retrieval Conference, held September 10-12, at the Radisson Hotel, New Orleans

Justin Zobel, sheltering from the rain during a riverboat adventure
The view out Alistair's hotel window
The much nicer view from the swimming pool area
A more typical street scene, well away from the Radisson
Patricia Correia Saraiva and Edleno Silva de Moura, out and about in New Orleans
Conference banquet, New Orleans style: Raymond Wan and Andrew Turpin
Raman Chandrasekar (Microsoft) and Vibhu Mittal (Google), enjoying (?) their vegetarian banquet
Justin, getting into the spirit of things
A gang of (mostly) Australians and (completely) twits
Raymond, Alistair, and Vo Ngoc Anh
An original Enigma machine at the New Orleans D-Day Museum
Justin again, wearing his hobbit expression
Ross Wilkinson, Dave Hawking, and Nick Crasswell, on an excursion by the Gulf
And then trying to figure out which direction New Orleans is
Canal and marshland

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