Submission Style

Submission Format - ACSC'96, ADC'96, CATS'96, ACAW'96

Initial Submissions

Initial submissions are requested in single column format, with wide margins and 1.5 line spacing. Submissions should be of about 6,000 words. Papers must include author names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, an address for correspondence, a 200 word abstract, and 3-6 keywords identifying the subject area.

For ACSC, four copies should be submitted to the address listed in the Call for Papers.

For ADC and CATS, submissions should be by electronic mail to the addresses listed in the Calls for Papers.

For ACAW, submissions should be by electronic mail to

Final Submissions

Final submissions should be in two column format, with single spacing and 25mm margins on A4 paper. Final submissions must not exceed 10 pages. The sample documents described below indicate the required format. If you are unable to access these documents send your postal address by email (to or fax (to +61 3 93481184) and a hardcopy describing this format will be returned.

ADC'96 and CATS'96 camera-ready copy should be sent electronically to the addresses used for initial submissions: and respectively.

ACSC'96 camera-ready copy (one clean copy; please pack it carefully so that it survives the mail journey) should be sent in hardcopy form to the address used for initial submissions: ACSC'96, Department of Computer Science, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3052, Australia.

Information about ACAW'96 final submissions will be provided at the ACAW'96 home page.

Conference Presentations

All presentations at ACSC, ADC and CATS will be of 20 minutes duration, with a further 5 minutes alloted for questions.

Early Registration

A condition on acceptance of all papers is that at least one author register for the corresponding conference at the time of final submission. Copies of the conference information brochure and conference and tutorial registration form will be available in all Australasian Computer Science Departments by mid-November; ask your departmental secretary.

All ACSC'96, CATS'96, and ADC'96 registrations should be lodged with the University of Melbourne at the address shown on the registration form.

Sample LaTeX Files (for final submission)

  • Sample LaTeX file (sample.tex). Modify according to the instructions it contains.
  • PostScript version of sample.tex (
  • LaTeX style file used by sample.tex (acsc.sty).
  • Sample LaTeX bibliography used by sample.tex (sample.bib).
  • BibTeX style file used by sample.tex (acsc.bst).
  • Sample MS Word File for Macintosh Users (for final submission)

  • Sample binhexed MS Word file for Mac users (Word-sty.hqx). Modify according to the instructions it contains.
  • Sample MS Word File for PC Users (for final submission)

  • Sample MS Word file for PC users in compressed form ( Modify according to the instructions it contains.

  • Conference Home Page

    alistair /, 30 October 1995.