TSF: An Object Oriented Address Translation Simulation Framework

David Channon and David Koch and Michael Hannaford
Department of Computer Science,
The University of Newcastle,
Callaghan 2308, Australia.
Email: {djc,dmk,mrh}@cs.newcastle.edu.au


In this paper we describe the implementation of a trace-driven address translation simulator built using object oriented and design pattern principles. An address translation mechanism generally uses a cache-based translation lookaside buffer of recent translations of process virtual addresses to physical addresses. More diverse regimes are possible but are not generally handled by available simulators. Our approach yields four major improvements over existing cache simulators encompassing: parallel analysis of alternate regimes, diverse translation structures, operating system support polices, and rapid prototyping. A series of experiments is documented that attempt to validate the simulator's operation by reproducing the experimental results of other published work. It is shown that peer validation is difficult due to wide variations in experimental methodology and lack of common experimental models. The simulator endeavours to provide a uniform platform for subsequent efforts in this area.
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