The AgentSpeak architecture : a study of a run-time architecture for an agent-oriented language

Devindra J. Weerasooriya
Department of Computer Science, The University of Melbourne, Parkville 3052, Australia.


Requirements of the application domain are such that agent-oriented languages will need to implement concurrent, distributed, persistent, real-time agents. Consequently, researchers in the field will also need to understand and reason about these properties as applied to agent-languages; more so than at present.

Our position is that the architecture of an agent-language must not only identify with the domain of application of the agent-system; but must also explicitly support the run-time charcteristics of agents. In this paper we propose an architecture which does both of these things, and have in a sense attempted to show how the architecture was derived from the semantics of AgentSpeak. We believe such corelation between domain and run-time considerations will enable designers to provide language-constructs that will better address the requirements of the agent applications. Conference Home Page