An Analysis of Throughput Loss for ATM Connection Setup Delay

Mahbub Hassan
School of Computing and Information Technology, Monash University Gippsland Campus, Churchill 3842, Australia.

J.W. Breen
Department of Robotics and Digital Technology, Monash University Clayton Campus, Clayton 3168, Australia.


This paper presents some of the analysis carried out as part of a wide-ranging study of the performance of end-to-end communications protocols over ATM networks. The aspect of the study presented here analyses the performance of typical sliding-window protocols when ATM virtual circuits (VC) are opened and closed dynamically as bursts of data arrive for transmission. The focus of this study is to assess the loss of throughput due to the extra delay caused by each VC setup. Both analytical and simulation evaluations are presented. Our analysis shows that throughput loss can be quite significant for short distance connections; the effect of VC setup delay may be negligible for long distance communications.
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