Compression and Coding Algorithms


Alistair Moffat


Andrew Turpin

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002


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Sample pages (subject to copyright, and not for distribution or duplication):

  • Title page, table of contents, and complete preface (PDF, 33K)

  • Page 1 (PDF, 5K)

  • Page 41 (PDF, 19K). Context: towards the end of the section about Golomb and Rice codes

  • Page 81 (PDF, 22K). Context: last page of the section about generating minimum-redundancy codes for certain constrained probability distributions.

  • Page 121 (PDF, 31K). Context: use of binary arithmetic coding to handle multi-symbol alphabets.

  • Page 161 (PDF, 20K). Context: data structures for maintaining cumulative frequency distributions for adaptive arithmetic coding.

  • Page 201 (PDF, 15K). Context: towards the end of the section about length-limited code construction, including part of a pseudo-code description of an algorithm.

  • Page 241 (PDF, 9K). Context: towards the end of the section that describes the Burrows-Wheeler transform.

  • Page 261 (PDF, 5K). Context: Sample bibliography page.
Note that, with the exception of the preface, these pages were selected because of their number rather than their content.

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And if Compression and Coding Algorithms is too expensive, consider buying a copy of Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images second edition, 1999, which can be purchased from Amazon (again, with a small commission paid from Amazon to us).

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