Current Research Activities and Interests

The main current  research activities include (i) fault detection and identification; (ii) state estimation (observer theory); (iii) power systems modeling, simulation and control; and (iv) biomedical engineering. For details, please refer to "publications".

Research Degree Programmes Offered

In the following is a list of research projects that are currently underway and require further research high degree studies that could lead to PhD degree. A number of  places are still available for high achieving students.

Project 1: Fault Detection, Identification and Intelligent Control

A number of  PhD by research programs are available in the area of fault detection and identification in dynamical systems. This line of research has been ongoing for a number of years now and the scope for extension is quite wide. Of special interest is the area of robust fault detection in nonlinear systems. Although linear systems are extensively investigated, nonlinear systems still need a lot of research.

A natural extension of fault detection and identification is intelligent control where the control scheme or algorithm is re-configured to cater for the faults in such away as to ensure stability and continuation of plant production or at the least safe plant shutdown. This is a major research area which very little practical results has been achieved.

Project 2: Biomedical Engineering

A number of  PhD programs are available for interested students. These programmes, which are currently carried out in conjunction with specialists from the Royal Melbourne hospital, involve the design of devices for detection and identification of skin and bone symptoms and related issues.

The design and development of such devices involve extensive hard and software designs and implementation and comprehensive knowledge of the physiology of the human skin and related processes.

Due to confidential nature of these programmes details cannot be revealed, but may be communicated to interested potential research students on the basis of confidentiality agreements. 

Project 3: Power Systems Modelling Simulation and Control

Research programs are available in the area of power systems dynamics. This line of research has been ongoing for a number of years now and the scope for extension is still quite wide. Previous research concentrated on dynamic stability and load-frequency control studies. However very little has been achieved in the special area of fault detection, especially in large scale interconnected power systems. Our research in this area involves fault modelling, simulation and detection and identification. The next stage is to extend the results to nonlinear interconnected power systems and then incorporating fault detection and identification with control reconfiguration. Dynamic, transient and voltage stability are natural candidates for such results.

Project 4: Smart Grid

Research projects in the area of smart grid are available. The projects involve assessments of how best integration of renewable energy sources like wind and solar can be achieved. Issues like distributed generation, embedded generation and demand-side management are considered..

Application Procedure:

1. Get in touch with me about any of the projects listed above or alternatively propose a project of your own. 

2. When a project is agreed on, I will advice you to start the formal application process.