Aaron Harwood

PhD Scholarships available

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD with me, please send me an email:

  • all academic transcripts up to your current level of education, including your undergraduate transcript
  • your research proposal - please ensure that your proposed research aligns with my research interests through appropriate citations, etc.
  • a PDF of your best publication and/or project thesis

My research interests

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (Peer-to-Peer, GPU Computing)
  • High performance Containerization
  • Smart Mobile Systems (Streaming Data, Mobility Analysis)
  • Social Networking (Event Detection, Topic Tracking, Influence)


Research Projects



A high performance, distributed stream processing system, loosely based on the Apache Storm API. Version 0.0.1 is available at Maven Central and the source code is available from our dedicated GitLab.



The Real-time Analytics Platform for Interactive Datamining.


Phd/MPhil Alumni

  • Similarity Based Clustering in Large-scale, Decentralized Overlay Networks, I. Bukhari, PhD, 2018.

  • Search Results Personalization in Microblogging Environments, S. Samarawickrama, PhD, 2018.

  • Scalable and Accurate Forecasting for Smart Cities, P. Karunaratne, PhD, 2018.

  • Erasure Codes for Optimal Performance in Geographically Distributed Strorage Systems, L. J. Mohan, PhD, 2018.

  • Early Detection System for DDoS Attacks, V. Thaneswaran, PhD, 2014.

  • An Energy and Spectrum Efficient Distributed Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks, K. S. Vijayalayan, PhD, 2014.

  • Credibility Management and Knowledge Aggregation in On-line Social Networks, Y. Liao, PhD, 2012.

  • Routing Protocols for Sparse Mobile Ad hoc Networks, S. Shahbazi, PhD, 2011.

  • A Generic Framework for the Simulation of Biologically Plausible Spiking Neural Networks on Graphics Processors, J. Abi-Samra, MPhil, 2011.

  • Robust Peer-to-Peer based Parallel Computing on the Internet, L. Ni, PhD, 2009.

  • The Lossy Bulk Synchronous Processing Model for Wide Area Network Parallel Processing, E. Sundararajan, PhD, 2008.

  • Coordinated Resource Provisioning in Federated Grids, J. R. Ranjan, PhD, 2007.

  • A Scalable Anonymous Server Overlay Network, H. Tsai, MPhil, 2006.

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