Aaron Harwood

PhD Scholarships available

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD with me, please send me an email:

  • all academic transcripts up to your current level of education, including your undergraduate transcript
  • your research proposal - please ensure that your proposed research aligns with my research interests through appropriate citations, etc.
  • a PDF of your best publication and/or project thesis

My research interests

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (Peer-to-Peer, GPU Computing)
  • High performance Containerization
  • Smart Mobile Systems (Streaming Data, Mobility Analysis)
  • Social Networking (Event Detection, Topic Tracking, Influence)


Research Projects



A high performance, distributed stream processing system, loosely based on the Apache Storm API.



The Real-time Analytics Platform for Interactive Datamining.


Phd/MPhil Alumni

  • Similarity Based Clustering in Large-scale, Decentralized Overlay Networks, I. Bukhari, PhD, 2018.

  • Search Results Personalization in Microblogging Environments, S. Samarawickrama, PhD, 2018.

  • Scalable and Accurate Forecasting for Smart Cities, P. Karunaratne, PhD, 2018.

  • Erasure Codes for Optimal Performance in Geographically Distributed Strorage Systems, L. J. Mohan, PhD, 2018.

  • Early Detection System for DDoS Attacks, V. Thaneswaran, PhD, 2014.

  • An Energy and Spectrum Efficient Distributed Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks, K. S. Vijayalayan, PhD, 2014.

  • Credibility Management and Knowledge Aggregation in On-line Social Networks, Y. Liao, PhD, 2012.

  • Routing Protocols for Sparse Mobile Ad hoc Networks, S. Shahbazi, PhD, 2011.

  • A Generic Framework for the Simulation of Biologically Plausible Spiking Neural Networks on Graphics Processors, J. Abi-Samra, MPhil, 2011.

  • Robust Peer-to-Peer based Parallel Computing on the Internet, L. Ni, PhD, 2009.

  • The Lossy Bulk Synchronous Processing Model for Wide Area Network Parallel Processing, E. Sundararajan, PhD, 2008.

  • Coordinated Resource Provisioning in Federated Grids, J. R. Ranjan, PhD, 2007.

  • A Scalable Anonymous Server Overlay Network, H. Tsai, MPhil, 2006.

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