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NICTA Open Sensor-web Architecture (NOSA)

The continuing growth in high speed networks has made it possible to build distributed applications that can exploit large numbers of cheap computers for data storage and computation.

For example, power and bandwidth constraints have a direct impact on the design of applications that use wireless sensor networks.

Unless we can find ways to shield the application developer from these low level constraints, the cost of developing reliable sensor network applications will be prohibitive.

The challenge that we address in this project is how to develop a layer of software services that hide the complexity of the underlying computing infrastructure from the application developer.

Web site: NICTA Open Sensorweb Architecture

Publications: NOSA Publications

NICTA Open Sensor-web Architecture (NOSA)

The NICTA Open SensorWeb Architecture (NOSA) project has develped a complete standards compliant platform and middleware for integration of sensor networks for emerging distributed computing platforms.

NOSA is a built upon the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standard defined by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), which is composed of a set of specifications, including SensorML, Observation & Measurement, Sensor Collection Service, Sensor Planning Service and Web Notification Service. It presents a reusable, scalable, extensible, and interoperable service oriented Sensor Web architecture that (i) conforms to the SWE standard; (ii) integrates Sensor Web with Grid Computing and (iii) provides middleware support for Sensor Webs.

Agent programming languages for sensor-networks

Our aim for our work on agent programming languages is for building applications on a distributed computing infrastructure. This framework will define and implement the software services that are needed for data-aggregation, routing, load balancing, network monitoring and security management.

The agentlab participates in this project, as part of National ICT Australia (NICTA), conducted within the Networks Information Processing program of the NICTA Victoria Laboratory.

Agentlab contact for NOSA project: Adrian Pearce

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