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Agent-oriented software engineering (AOSE)

We are imbuing software engineering methodologies with agent concepts for building robust, intelligent, distributed software applications.

Publications: Agent-oriented software engineering


The Agentlab has developed a new approach, known as the ROADMAP methodology that incorporates new role models and has the ability for customising features and for incorporating other methodologies. The Agentlab is funded to develop agent methodologies and prototype tools that support rapid implementation of multi-agent software for smart Internet applications as part of the Smart Internet Cooperative Research Centre.

Another AOSE focus is the purposive description of agency that aims to be as independent of the underlying agent programming language as possible, made possible by extending present software engineering modelling practices toward agent-oriented needs.

ROADMAP Publications

ROADMAP Software (Rebel)

Text Books


Leon Sterling and Kuldar Taveter, The Art of Agent-Oriented Modeling, The MIT Press, 2009

Sterling, L. and Shapiro, E., The Art of Prolog, 2nd Edition, MIT Press, 1994

Agent applications and ontologies

The Agentlab is presently exploring the implementation of pilot operating procedures for multi-agent air mission simulations used by the Royal Australian Air Force and the deployment of transport logistics and decision support systems for command and control operations by Australian Forces. The Agentlab conducts enabling research in these areas for the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

The ontology reconciliation project funded by the Australian Research Council aims to develop methods for agents with different ontologies to interact effectively by "reconciling" their ontological differences. Domains being investigated are classified ads, e-commerce, and scientific collaboration.

The Agentlab also has collaborative research projects with the well-known Cycorp corporation, the Adecel software engineering group, the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Hearne Scientific Software, ADI limited and is a joint partner on educational software being enhanced with Pedagogical agents with Monash University.

Contact: Shanika Karunasekera or Michael Kirley

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