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Planning and writing your technical report

The two books below provide excellent introductions to academic writing, make sure you read the first one.

After selecting a target journal, a starting point is to select three or four of the closest articles that your article must stand up to.

Writing templates

The writing_template.txt is something I put together based on a selection of reviewer comments I compiled recently for a few articles, from past experiences. The first part is the section of the article I was writing and below selected comments by reviewers, note that I neither necessarily agree with the comments nor accept that they are true but certainly do take them into account when editing the work for re-submission. At the end is an article plan that I put together to help me with sectioning in a recent journal publication.

Latex resources

Latex is a very popular for techical writing tasks, easing the creation of complex mathematical and logical equations and allowing for better control, formatting and appearance important in publication.

A Latex tutorial is available that you may fin d helpful, available under the project resources (see subdirectory):

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