Wally Smith

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing & Information Systems, The University of Melbourne
wsmith@unimelb.edu.au  | tel: +61 3 8344 1494  | fax: +61 3 9349 4596
Room 9.05, Level 9, Doug McDonell Building, Carlton 3052
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·       ISYS90081 Organisational Processes

·       ISYS90051 Impacts of Digitisation

·       ISYS90031 Research Methods

·       ISYS90035 Knowledge Management Systems


I am interested in the design and use of digital technologies and their impact on our lives in range of settings, especially education, health, public history and heritage.  My projects are located in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and the Social Studies of Science. 


·         New Tools and Techniques for Learningn in the Field: Studying the Built Environment, funded  by the Office for Learning and Teaching (DEERW) (2011-2013), Wally Smith, Hannah Lewi, Shanton Chang, Andrew Saniga, Diego Ramirez-Loving & Lee Stickells

·         Social network sites for ambivalent socialisers: the case of smoking cessation, funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage scheme and QUIT Victoria (2011-2014), Wally Smith, Bernd Ploderer, Jon Pearce & Ron Borland.

·         Citizen Heritage: Digital and Community-based Histories of Place, funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery scheme (2014-2016), Hannah Lewi, Wally Smith, Tom Kvan, David Nichols, Steven Cooke & Dirk vom Lehn.


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PhD Students

·         Piya Shedden – recently completed
Protecting information and knowledge assets in organisations: towards an integrative approach
(supervisors: Wally Smith and Atif Ahmed)

·         John Downs - recently completed

Topic: Audience experience in social videogaming
(supervisors: Frank Vetere and Wally Smith).

·         Joji Mori - recently completed

Topic: Digital memorials
(supervisors: Martin Gibbs and Wally Smith)

·         Kathleen Keeogh
Topic: The use of agent technologies to simulate realistic human behaviours within emergency management scenarios.
(supervisors: Liz Sonenberg and Wally Smith).

·         Dana McKay 

Topic: Support for browsing

(supervisors: Shanton Chang, Wally Smith)

·         Kagonya Awori

Topic: Digital tools for cultural exchange

(supervisors: Frank Vetere, Wally Smith

·         Mohammed Alrokayan

Topic: Innovation of cloud-based business models for start-ups

(supervisors: Wally Smith, Sherah Kurnia)

·         Melissa Rogerson

Topic: Digitization of board games

(supervisors: Martin Gibbs, Wally Smith)

·         Sarah Webber

(supervisors: Wally Smith, Frank Vetere, Marcus Carter)



·         CHISIG - Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia (OZCHI Conference Chair 2001; National Secretary, 2005-2006; OZCHI Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair, 2006, 2008)


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