Research and Honorary Staff

Dr. Aravinda S. Rao Research Fellow
Dr. Chandan Kumar Karmakar Honorary Fellow Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia
Dr. Sutharshan Rajasegarar Honorary Fellow Lecturer, Deakin University, Australia
Dr. Ahsan H Khandoker Honorary Fellow Associate Professor, Khalifa University, UAE

Past Research Staff

Dr. Jayavardhana Gubbi Senior Research Fellow Research Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services, India
Dr. Slaven Marusic Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Jiong Jin Research Fellow Lecturer, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Dr. Alistair Shilton Research Fellow Associate Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia
Dr. Yee Wei Law Research Fellow Lecturer, University of South Australia, Australia
Dr. Wei Hua Wang Research Fellow
Dr. Daniel Lai Research Fellow Senior Lecturer, Victoria University, Australia
Mr. Brendan Owen Senior Research Assistant
Mrs. Aparna KG Research Assistant

Current Students

Name Research Area Towards
Dheeraj Kumar Big Data Clustering PhD
Fu-Chun Hsu Computer Vision and Deep Learning PhD
Shitanshu Kusmakar Early Detection of Neurological Disorders PhD
Punit Rathore IoT and Smart City Applications PhD
Radhagayathri K. Udhayakumar Biomedical Signal Processing PhD
Fateme Fahiman Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and IoT PhD
Lingjuan Lyu Wireless Security PhD
Mohammod Abdul Motin Biomedical Signal Processing PhD
Bigi Varghese Phillip Optimization and IoT Applications PhD
Nandakishor Desai Biomedical Image Processing PhD
Rajesh Ranjan IoT in Healthcare PhD

Graduated Students

Name Thesis Degree Year
Faezeh Marzbanrad Modeling Fetal Cardiac Valve Intervals and Fetal-Maternal Interactions PhD 2016
Aravinda S. Rao Crowd Behavior Analysis Using Video Analytics PhD 2016
Mohammad Hasan Imam Analysis of Beat-to-Beat Ventricular Repolarization Duration Variability from Electrocardiogram Signal PhD 2016
Chandan Kumar Karmakar Novel Techniques for Dynamical Heart Rate Variability Analysis Using Poincaré Plot PhD 2012
Jiong Jin Flow Control and Performance Optimization for Multi-Service Networks PhD 2010
Sutharshan Rajasegarar Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks PhD 2009
Ganesh Naik Independent Component Analysis for Biomedical Application PhD 2008
Jayavardhana Gubbi Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction PhD 2007
Tze huei Lai (Daniel) Subspace optimization Algorithms for training support vector machines PhD 2006
Alistair Shilton Design and Training of Support Vector Machines PhD 2006
Laurence Park Spectral Methods for Information Retrieval PhD 2003
Weihua Wang Optimal Flow Control in Packet Switched Networks PhD 2003
Chris Manzie Intelligent Control of Automotive Engines PhD 2001
Dushy Tissainayagam Dynamic Channel Assignment using Neural Networks PhD 2000
Suthikshn Kumar Reconfigurable Neurocomputers: Rapid Protyping and Design Synthesis of Artificial Neural Networks for Field Programmable Gate Arrays PhD 1996
L.H. Andrew Image Coding Using Vector Quantisation with Neural Networks PhD 1996
Kate Smith Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems Using Neural Networks PhD 1996
V. Chandrasekaran Gated Neural Networks for Three Dimensional Object Recognition Systems PhD 1995
Man Zhihong Robust Variable Structure Control for Rigid Robotic Manipulators PhD 1993
Gang Feng Robustness Issues of Adaptive Control PhD 1991

Trefor Morgan Neural Networks in Three Medical Applications M.Eng.Sc. 1995
Stephen Terrill Neural Networks Applications to Cellular Mobile Communication Systems M.Eng.Sc. 1995
Stan Kafadis Neural Networks for Image Processing Applications M.Eng.Sc. 1995
Wing Hong Hui Interleaving Techniques for High Speed Data Transmission M.Eng.Sc. 1993
David Au Optical Character Recognition using Neural Networks M.Eng.Sc. 1993
Philip Malin The Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems using Neural Networks M.Eng.Sc. 1993
Sharad Thacore Pattern Classification, Image Restoration, and Image Coding using Neural Networks M.Eng.Sc. 1993
Uthai Chaiswankit Sampling Rate and Stability of Hybrid Adaptive Control M.Eng.Sc. 1993
P.T.H. Chan Dynamic Channel Assignment for Cellular Mobile Communication Systems using Neural Networks M.Eng.Sc. 1992
R. Oxbrow Filter Structures for Edge Detection in Images M.App.Sc. 1991
Vincent Pang Neural Networks for Pattern Classification Problems in Control and Image Processing M.Eng.Sc. 1990