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Contact Details
Dr. Michelle Blom
Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne Mining Integrator sub-program lead (Agile Mine Planning and Logistics)
Department of Computing and Information Systems
University of Melbourne, Australia
Office: 6.14, Doug McDonnell Building (Bld 168), University of Melbourne, Parkville campus
Email: michelle DOT blom AT unimelb DOT edu DOT au
Publications, Technical Reports, Articles


Michelle Blom, Adrian Pearce, Peter Stuckey. Short-Term Scheduling of an Open-Pit Mine with Multiple Objectives. Engineering Optimization, 2017 (available online).

Andrew Conway, Michelle Blom, Rajeev Gore, Katya Lebedeva, Lee Naish and Vanessa Teague. An analysis of New South Wales electronic vote counting. ACSW 2017. (ArXiv version).

Slava Shekh, Michelle Blom. Decentralised Decision Making in Defence Logistics. Cognitive Partnerships Workshop at IJCAI 2017. PDF.

Michelle Blom, Peter J. Stuckey, and Vanessa Teague. Computing the Margin of Victory in Preferential Parliamentary Elections. ArXiv version.

Michelle Blom, Peter J. Stuckey, and Vanessa Teague. Towards Computing Victory Margins in STV Elections. ArXiv version.


Michelle Blom, Adrian Pearce, and Peter Stuckey. A Decomposition-Based Algorithm for the Scheduling of Open-Pit Networks over Multiple Time Periods. Management Science, 2016. Preprint

Michelle Blom, Peter Stuckey, Vanessa Teague, Ron Tidhar. Efficient Computation of Exact IRV Margins. ECAI, 2016. PDF

Berj Chilingirian, Zara Perumal, Ronald L. Rivest, Grahame Bowland, Andrew Conway, Philip B. Stark, Michelle Blom, Chris Culnane, and Vanessa Teague. Auditing Australian Senate Ballots. ArXiv article. Link (accompanying article in The Register).

Pursuit article Paper audits crucial for automated counting by Vanessa Teague with Michelle Blom, Andrew Conway, Chris Culnane, Rajeev Goré, Robert Merkel, Ron Rivest, Philip Stark, and Damjan Vukcevic. 2016. Link

Andrew Conway, Michelle Blom, Rajeev Goré, Ekaterina Ledbedeva, Lee Naish, Vanessa Teague. Software can affect election results. ElectionWatch article, Technical Report, NSWEC media release


Michelle Blom, Adrian Pearce, Peter Stuckey. Short Term Scheduling in Open-Pit Mines with Multiple Objectives. Poster at CP-15. PDF


Michelle Blom, Christina Burt, Adrian Pearce, and Peter Stuckey. A Decomposition-Based Heuristic for Collaborative Scheduling in a Network of Open-Pit Mines. Informs Journal on Computing,2014. PDF Supplementary


Michelle Blom. Arguments and Actions: Decoupling Preference and Planning through Argumentation. PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne, 2011. PDF


Michelle Blom, and Adrian Pearce. Relaxed Regression for a Heuristic GOLOG. STAIRS, 2010. PDF


Michelle Blom and Adrian Pearce. An Argumentation-Based Interpreter for Golog Programs. IJCAI, 2009. PDF


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