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My research interests include the design of reasoning machinery for systems that exhibit complex collaborative behaviours. For some years my major research efforts have been in the foundations and applications of systems within the BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention) agent paradigm, with a particular focus on teamwork, but I have also studied various elements of non-monotonic reasoning. I have also explored opportunities for the use of agent technologies to meet the challenges faced by designers and developers of mobile, context aware applications. Industry collaborations have included the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Agent Oriented Software P/L, Clarinox P/L, the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), and Neuragenix P/L. I have also been involved with projects receiving support from Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. I have worked with collaborators in Psychology and Education on studies involving human reasoning processes. I am a participant in the Interaction Design Lab and the Agent Lab .

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The integrating theme of my research is the conceptualisation and construction of more adaptive, distributed, and intelligent information systems. Much of the work focuses on agent technology, which views a distributed system in terms of interacting autonomous software entities. Using the agent metaphor can allow system developers to adopt a level of abstraction in design that is useful for modelling complex tasks and environments, and in building software systems that are robust in the face of change and unexpected events. An important aspect of the research is the requirement of the human-machine interface and consequent implications for the development of computational mechanisms to support decision-making in complex settings.

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